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  1. Is this too much change?

    Hey! I started riding last season and got about 20 days in. I picked it up pretty quick, and while the resorts in my area have pretty short runs, I’m confident riding their double blacks. I ride a 158 Park Platinum 2020 from Signal. Boot size 10.5 Large bindings, I’m 5’9” 200lb. I’m enjoying...
  2. Is RIDE Agenda 147cm the right board for me?

    Hi everyone, I am going to be purchasing my first snowboard and I am wondering if The Ride Agenda 147 cm is right for me. I've done a lot of research and even went to a Burton store with my current snowboard and they recommended me to get a board <= 148 cm. The current board that I have is a...
  3. Stiff Boards

    Hello, I am 5'7" 210lbs (~95kg). I am riding a 156 2006 Burton Custom, which is still standing strong but you can tell it is really old. I want to get a new board, but the problem is I ride extremely aggressively and I am pretty heavy. My background is downhill longboarding, so when I...
  4. Older vs. newer model of the deck

    Hey guys, I wonder whether it's big difference between older model of the same deck and its newer version. I am thinking about buying a Rome Garage Rocker deck and I've found a really good bargain for 2010/11 deck (I know, pretty old...) but I am a bit afraid that the technology of the deck...
  5. Sizing By Weight= Bullshit

    So I've noticed a trend on the forum about people asking what size board they should ride and everyone bases it off weight. I don't think that weight should be a big deciding factor of what size board you buy. t seems mostly about riding style and personal preference. I've seen guys that are 150...
  6. 2013/2014 Season Redux: A Weighty Matter

    So for the past few seasons I've felt like a boxer. You know, the ones that fight at a weight a good bit lower than their walk around (natural) weight when they're not in training for a bout. I lose weight in winter due to snowboarding and put the weight back on during summer and autumn. So...
  7. Ride Machete 2013 - Size advice

    Hi, I am about to pick up my first board, a Ride Machete 2013, but am a little stuck on which size to get. I wear a size 10US Nike Vapen and weigh around 85kg/187lbs. At the moment I'm deciding between a 158 or 160 regular width. I mostly ride all mountain with a bit of park thrown in (looking...
  8. Board Length Help - Lib Tech TRS

    Hey guys! So I'm getting myself my first snowboard, a Lib Tech TRS Women's edition. But I can't seem to decide on what size to get it in, and I'll love some advice. Problem is I'm not too tall, but I'm a bit on the heavier side. So I'm a 5.1 feet, which is 155cm, and I weigh 60 kilos, 133...
  9. Rome Agent Rocker 155 for lurpy guy?

    Okay so I really want a new snowboard and this one is on sale but my only concern is the size. I'm 6 foot tall and 140 pounds and I want to use the board for all mountain. Would that be crazy or what? How much does height relative to weight matter with snowboard size? THANKYOU
  10. Manufacturer recommended weight

    Hey guys, I just bought my first board! did my research and figured a 156 would be the ideal size for me. I really liked the Forum Kitchen sink (2013) which comes in 154.5 or 157.5 so I decided to go up to the 157.5 and was happy with that decision, until I saw the manufacturer recommended...
  11. weight limit on snowboard

    if i weigh 300 pounds is it okay to ride a board that is 160 cm. i dont understand what the weight limit is for unless im doing a board slide. but i could do 50/50's instead. will the board break if i go off of a jump or something?
  12. New Board Problems - can too little weight be a problem?

    After boarding about 8 times and improving enough to make it down a hill consistently at a decent speed, without falling and feeling pretty comfortable, I bought my first board, a Salomon Lotus 142. I discovered that I could not even turn without wiping out. It seemed as though I could not...
  13. Does my board fit me?

    Hey, I have a 2006 Burton Custom thats a 154mm I'm 5'7" and weight about 210 pounds Is that to big for that board? The board says 120-170 pounds but does the weight really make a difference? Thanks.