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  1. Boards
    So, for many years now my snowboarding aim has been to try and get to the bottom of the mountain as fast as possible and hence I own stiff boards for bombing. But... I'd like to advance and learn some new skills so have decided to buy a park board. I've read reviews and seen what is available in...
  2. Boards
    Debating between these two boards for park. Never really had much experience with Academy. Are their boards any good?
  3. Boards
    I am looking to get an arbor westmark 153 or 156, I am 6' weigh 140lbs and have a shoe size of an 11. I ride both park and all mountain, but am looking to do more park this year.
  4. Boards
    Im looking at buying an Arbor Westmark soon but I was just wondering if there was any cheaper boards which are similar to the Westmark. Also if you could tell me why they are cheaper and how much better the Westmark is than it. Cheers
  5. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    2013 Arbor Westmark 156 in black with only 2 days on it. I'm definitely not getting rid of this board 'cause I don't like it, it's an awesome deck. My Draft hasn't sold and I don't need both, so here ya go. I'd like to clear $250 after Paypal and shipping are subtracted. I'll throw up pics asap.
  6. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    As the title says, never ridden 2012 Westmark 156. A bit small for me, was hoping to be down to 185 lbs. by the time the season hit and that isn't gonna happen so looking for a 158-9 Westmark or Blacklist in a 2012 or 2013. As close to mint as possible. Would consider 2012-13 NS Evo in 160 or...
  7. Boards
    I just thought I'd give you a look the 2013 arbor westmark since it tends to be brought up a lot on the forum as far freestyle riding. I must say that this years board is my favorite arbor to be made so far. After riding a draft for two season I wanted to switch to something with steel edges...
1-7 of 7 Results