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  1. Boards
    Hi boarders! I'm looking for advices on board selection on size. Burton Hometown Hero Camber 160w or 165w. I'm 6'2 and 225-230 pounds. Boots size 13 wide. I snow in east Canada, so lots of groomers and icy. All around mountain, woods and no park. We get some powder but not everyday lol. Thanks!
  2. Boots
    Hello WiredSport and all, I need help to look for boots size for Men's Burton Photon Step On® Snowboard Boots. I'm hesitating between the 13 or 13-Wide. I bought a couple of years ago Burton Ruler size 13-W since they didn't have the 13 in stock.They are comfortable but want to make sure I buy...
  3. Boots
    OK. I have been creeping on the boot fit forums for the last year. I started in a men’s size 10 after ---of course--- getting bad boot fit advice. This was almost a decade ago. At that point in my snowboarding I was only riding maybe 5 times per year. I loved snowboarding but my feet would...
  4. Boots
    Hello every! Just wanting to get the correct size boots. I will attach the photos of the measurements. Also can anyone tell me the best bang for your buck pair that is a medium flex. I will be riding all mountain. I am also an intermediate rider. Thanks in advance
1-4 of 4 Results