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    I have been trying to wrap my mind around women's snowboard sizing ever since I have been in the market for a new board. My first snowboard, which I had for about 14 years, was a very cheap unisex/male Lamar setup. It was 154 cm and it always felt very unstable at high speeds. When I got back...
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    Hey there, Have you ever heard of a Nitro Charm women's board? My girlfriend is looking out for her first own board. She can link turns and goes down blue runs fairly comfortable. Height 163cm, weight 58kg (we live in Europe). At the most shops down here in The Netherlands they sell this Nitro...
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    Thanks for the great input on boards here. I was lurking around reading, and decided on a 2012 Rossignol Diva (at due to the input here. I was also considering was the Roxy Eminence. Anyway, $191 was far and away the best price I have seen for this popular board so I just picked up...
1-3 of 3 Results