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  1. General Reviews
    Ride status: 5' 9", 175 lbs, intermediate rider Board: 22/23 Yes WARCA UNINC. JPS 150 Bindings: 20/21 Burton Malavita M Location: Seven Springs, PA Days on snow: 4 days Condition: 20-50 F. Hardpack, firm/ soft groomer, Ice, wet snow, spring slush, 7" fresh powder. Background: Pretty much an...
  2. Boards
    Hi there! Would greatly appreciate any recs - great info on this forum! I’m an intermediate (to advanced) rider (5’9, ~160 lbs) and ride mostly groomers but like to carve through trees and take advantage of powder days. I am looking for an all mountain, hybrid profile, single quiver board...
  3. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I’ve been looking for this board for a couple years and it seems to sell out quickly. Looking for new or lightly used, past season models okay. Also let me know if this board is selling in your local shop and I might be able to swing by and pick it up. I’m in western Colorado. Thanks in advance
  4. Boards
    Hey guys! I've been snowboarding for a couple of weeks in total and I've now decided to buy my own gear for the first time, super stoked :) I have very basic knowledge of what to look for in snowboard equipment, but basically what I did was that I looked over a bunch of reviews (mainly from...
  5. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Anyone selling? Thank you much.
  6. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Board: YES Model: PICK YOUR LINE Size: 159 Condition: Like New - It was a return and i purchased on the spot. I purchased for a trip to JH But ended up leaving it behind. I didnt have a chance to ride it since i bought the GREATS board as well. I had it tuned and kept it stored. Asking: $300.00...
  7. Boards
    Hi, I'm looking to buy an all mountain board (no park) and bindings, in a budget of 350-400 (only board). I'm a beginner to intermediate, not really into park, mostly on mountain and a little bit of off-piste/powder, 5' 8" /173cm, 159/72 kg, 40, boot 9. Based on this I'm looking on a 154-156...
  8. Boards
    Whats up guys, getting a new board this year and need madddd advice. Right now im stuck between the YES trouble, the Gnu Space Case, and Lib Tech Skate banana all 2013, hmu guys
  9. Boards
    So I’ve been riding my yes the greats 159 for about two years now and love it. I am now looking to get a new board from yes and would like a more freestyle oriented board. I have been looking at the yes pick your line; does anyone have one, and use it for all mountain use? Any reviews? I am a...
  10. Boards
    Hi all, I've been reading some excellent reviews and advice on this forum, so thought I'd join to ask a question about which board to buy. Unfortunately, unlike it seems you get in North America, there doesn't really seem to be too many demo days here in Europe, especially not from the brands...
  11. Boards
    I am looking at buying a new snowboard and am stuck on what to get Have done a season in the Alps, I'm not amazing but am at a fairly high level of snowboarding I'm 21 years old, weigh around 80 kg, 5 ft 8' and medium boot Am doing a season in New Zealand this summer so don't mind spending the...
  12. Boards
    Hello, I was hoping you guys could help me. I'm about 6'2 and i weigh about 180 pounds I am mid way through my first season at Whistler and i have totalled my Bataleon - Goliath. I am wanting to replace it with an all mountain machine, but i am not that fussed about freestyle. I am more into...
  13. Boards
    hey guys im looking at hunting down a YES. 155 or a 158 great beauty. preferably a 155. can anyone help me out or give me an idea of where to look? cheers!
1-13 of 13 Results