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    Hello Guys, I plan to buy the Yes the Greats, but Im hesitating about the ideal size 156 vs 159. I heard it is also a bit kinda like volume shifted board.. so its better to downsize 2-3cm than the normal. I ride generally on a 157-158W board (with 28,5cm boot size) Based on that I should go...
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    Been looking everywhere for a 2018 Yes Greats 151 “save the humans” board as the one I had cracked. If anyone knows anyone who has a new or used one for sale or similar size throw me a prayer and some contact info please thank you jah bless
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    Mainly torn between getting a Yes Greats 156 or Never Summer Funslinger 156 or NS Funslinger X 154. (Kind of debating Marhar Lumberjack as well) I was debating the photo type 2 too, until I seen reviews of people saying its not poppy? I'm 5'11, 175 lbs, with a size 10 boot. Ride in Michigan at...
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    Hello fellow boarders Im new to this forum and this is my first post. I have been boarding for around 3 years and now feel that im ready to buy a new and better board to further develop my skills on the mountain. Currently i ride a Salomon Lotus-which has served me well-but im now looking for...
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    I'm thinking of buying a Yes Greats as an all mountain board because I understand it has some stiffness and pop for more aggressive riding but it does pretty well in powder too. I enjoy carving and also bouncing around a bit off features, but not into park riding. I’m a man, 5’9” (175cm)...
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    Hey everyone, So I have big dillema which new board I should buy. I am riding for 4 years and last 2 seasons I had Flow merc board, for a 1st board I looked for the most universal (all mountain, cheap). I liked flow as a brand so I didnt reaserched much and i took it with flow flite 1 bindings...
1-6 of 6 Results