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    Hello Looking for advice and help please. I'm an early intermediate rider (28 days of riding under my belt), 175cm, 85kg (hopefully I can shed some), 7UK/8US boot size. I ride mainly groomers and have no intention of doing park riding, jumping or anything fancy. Just looking to progress and...
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    Hey yall – just looking for some new board advice. I’m a solid low-intermediate rider who gets in 20-30 days per year in CO. I’ve been riding a Yes Typo 158, and I’m trying to decide my next moves gear-wise. I would say above all else I love tree riding, and while I was able to get around fine...
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    Will this cause too much heel/toe drag? I’m a beginner-intermediate rider. My boots measure exactly 33cm on the sole, and the typo has a waist width of 259mm. I ride 15/-6 angles and a 22.5 stance width. I don’t do any park riding just groomers, powder, trees, etc. thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results