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  1. Need advice please help! 156w or 158 Yes Typo?

    Hey guys, I am buying a Yes Typo snowboard. Should I be getting a 156w or 158? I live where there are just small hills so I will be riding mainly park just for something to do but I go to the mountains for a week every year and want a board good in powder and on blacks as well. I'm at a...
  2. Jones UMT vs. Yes Greats vs. Burton Custom Twin

    Reaching paralysis by analysis on these 3 boards and can't pull the trigger on which one to get on sale Context: I've been snowboarding for about 10 years, with a definite focus up to now on looking for powder - either inbound or backcountry. I've started to loose interest in carving on...
  3. Yes. Snowboards

    I want to get a nice freestyle snowboard. I am currently choosing between "Yes. Typo", "Yes. Jackpot" and "Yes TDF". Any suggestions?
  4. Yes. Jackpot? 13/14

    Hey guys I was checking out this board but I can't really find any decent reviews on it. If you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated!:yahoo:
  5. YES. Great Beauties of History

    hey guys im looking at hunting down a YES. 155 or a 158 great beauty. preferably a 155. can anyone help me out or give me an idea of where to look? cheers!