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    Hey guys, sorry to post again about the same topic. I have been doing more research on this whole "flat camber" (with rockered tips) and most people say it is only really good for park use, especially rails. I like to ride more all mountain and am wondering if a flat camber board would be able...
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    Hi forum! I gotta ask because I'm really not sure which board that will fit my riding style. First some basics about me 177 cm high 75 kg boot size 8 I have been riding for a couple of years but only 1 or 2 weeks per year. Most of the time I'm just having fun down the mountain. For me it's...
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    Does anyone know what it is exactly? Nitro put it in the Rook, T1, and Swindle, but they don't really go into depth about it anywhere on the site.
1-3 of 3 Results