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“The Approach” film highlights BIPOC, women, adaptive riders/skiers

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One of the best snow sports films I have seen in quite some time! I am inspired and super stoked for the season after watching this.

Kudos to The North Face and its partners for making a film that highlights the underrepresented people in snow sports. As a snowboarder of color, I am elated to see different type of progression that is not talked about enough.

Early on during my development as a snowboarder, I used my under-representation as motivation. I wanted (and still do) to show that I belong on the mountain just as much as anybody, regardless of the color of my skin or being born in a country not typically associated with snowboarding.
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Cool video. I used to be an adaptive instructor and it's amazing how good some of the "otherly abled" could be. Riding a sit ski is f'n hard as hell...
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