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Hello Everyone,

Last season I spent the majority of my time on the 13/14 Buck Up, Seb Toots new board. If you're interested in knowing more about the guts and features of the board, which the video below I did back at SIA in February.

One of my all time favorite Ride boards was the Society. I have really missed that board since they changed it to a UL model and then killed it. The Buck Up reminds me of a super charged Society.

The first thing that gets your attention is the POPWalls in the nose and tail. Just carving down the mountain you can feel them increasing the speed of your turns making you that much faster edge to edge without doing anything different. The most obvious thing they give you is an incredible amount of pop. Moving it to the sidewalls, as opposed to the core like Poprods, POPWalls give you a wider surface to pop off of. So you can get more energy into and pop that much higher, but it's also pretty handy when you set up on an edge and you're not using the whole surface area to pop, you still get a great lift off. Lastly, the POPWalls really help accelerate your spins as you take off and when you land. If you don't get that last little bit around in time they really help to get you around so you don't dig in an edge and eat it.

The other feature I love is the Hybrid Twin Rocker. Take a flat board, put just enough rocker on the nose and tail to get your contact points out of the snow and then infuse a micro camber from contact point to contact point into the board. The best way to describe how it rides is that it's like riding an old regular camber board that is broken in (30-40 days on it) that has a slight rocker on the nose and tail.

The rocker is going to keep you from hanging up with your jibbing around the mountain or the terrain park. It helps a little when you're riding in powder, but not a ton as you really need to know how to ride powder if you're going to use this deck as a powder stick. But with the way everything is linked together you effortless carve down the mountain just like you would on an old camber board, you can hold an edge the same way yet not worry about hanging up at all. It's a really great "familiar feeling" for those that started riding before the rocker craze hit us.

The last thing I'll mention is flex/feel. This board is very responsive with the POPWalls & Carbon Array 5. But it's also very forgiving as well. There isn't anything in the middle of the board, so this really allows you to play around when you want to, but the response is there in the nose and tail when you need it. So it makes the Buck Up a very versatile board that can handle any part of the mountain. So if you're an All-Mtn Freestyle rider that is looking for a deck that can truly handle it all, I suggest checking out the Buck Up.

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