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I'm a woman, and I weigh 133 pounds.
And I want to get a Category 3 All Resort Freestyle Stick that'll be able to handle some big slopes, when I eventually get better (I'm very much a beginner right now).

I'm looking at the Lib Tech TRS Narrow for this, but I can't decide between the 148 or 151 cm options available.

Based on my weight, my optimum all-mountain board length would be around 149-150.
So should I go a cm up or down? I'll love a responsive board, and a cm down would be good for that - yet at the same time, I'm buying an expensive board that I'll like to keep with me for some time, by which i hope to advance to bigger slopes. I don't intend to hit the parks too much though, but I'll love a turny deck to carve down the slopes.

Also, I'm relatively short at a 5'1" - though I don't think this should matter when picking a board length, as from what I've read, it's all in the weight that matters.

So I'm really stuck on which to get, either the 148 or 151 - any advice would be appreciated, thanks so much!
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