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2010 rome 390 boss bindings - ratchets and ladders

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Ive been having some trouble with my ratchets and ladders on both toe and ankle straps on my bindings, i cant do them up tight anymore and they come undone and loose really easily.

Can anyone suggest where i can order new ratchets and ladders or whole new toe and ankle straps, I live in New Zealand but dont mind ordering from america ect.

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Email the riders council off the Rome website they'll send you some new ones.
I had similar problems with my Romes (same year, I think). I contacted Rome and they sent me new ratchets no questions asked.
Thanks!! ive emailed them but they havent replied! Are they usually good at replying?
It might take a day or two it is a weekend. I mean not everyone sits at their computer every day answering peoples every whim.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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