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Rider: 5'10" 175lbs, double black rider in the mountains, but too old to get hurt in the park so does some stuff, but nothing crazy. ~35-45 days per year on snow.
Binding Angles: +15/-15 (I normally ride +21/-9)
Replaces: 2007 Gnu Rider's Choice MTX 157.5/2007 Rome 390
Board Experience: 5150 Pacer (1st board lol), Salomon Fastback, Supernatural Corvini, Prior MFR, Lib Tech Mullet, Never Summer SL-R
Prep: First time rode without detuning tip/tail, subsequent times with tip/tail detuned. Rode much better with tip/tail detuned.

I picked up this combo from Sierra during the 50% off sale, it was too good a deal to pass up.

Build quality on the snowboard is really good, as with all Rome stuff, the quality is there, and is backed up with a 2 year warranty. The board is made in Austria. The base is something called Sintrue, which I'd imagine is some cheap version of sintered, or expensive version of extruded. but it doesn't matter much for a park board, as long as it holds up. Graphics are a bit over the top, but oh well, who cares...

The bindings were another story, the rubber pad was not inserted into the baseplate properly, which I noticed when I was not able to mount the bindings. The screws wouldn't reach because there was too much space between the rubber pad and the baseplate. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that there was too much material on one of the rubber "nubs" and it had to be trimmed to fit into the baseplate. The other issue was that one of the highback mounting blocks seemed to not hold the highback screw in properly, and it would loosen when the highback was put up and down a few times. Rome is sending me replacements, no questions asked. If you don't already know, Rome's customer service is top notch, so this is not a big deal to me, but still... quality control anyone? The bindings are made in China (which explains the issues I think).

I love the 390's, this is the second pair I have owned. I also own a pair of Targas which are better for the mountains. but I like the give on the 390's for park, and just messing around. Despite the glitches, I'd still buy another pair, they are that good!

As far as the board goes, the ride is much softer than anything I have owned since my first 5150. The slight rocker makes the board playful and fun, and switch riding is a blase. This is a true twin, so it rides the same both ways. It lacks the pop of my SL-R or Rider's choice, due definitely to the softer biax construction, so I think i have lost some airtime off jumps, however, butters and wheelies are a lot easier. Maybe I shouldn't be jumping that high at my age anyway. I did not like this board in the pipe, but it could just be that I'm not used to riding rocker in the pipe. The Choice was cambered. It does OK at speed, but does chatter when things get rough. Again, it is a softer board, so this is expected.

All in all, this is a great combo for the park, but cannot compare to the SL-R/Targa combo for the mountains. However, it can get the job done everywhere, so this one may be worth it if you want an all around board, and spend a ton of time in the park, especially since there are some good deals to be had right now. If it came down to buying at full price though, I'd get the Never Summer EVO-R instead...

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So, after a few days on the board, a quick update:

- Fun to play around with
- Nice flex from top to tail, soft enough to butter with ease.
- Looks to have a relatively durable base
- I like the slight rocker
- Nice to land jumps, fairly forgiving

- Torsionally too soft for me, I can overpower the board when initiating a turn so that that when the front of the board locks in, the back opposite edge can still catch. This surprised me a few times, but luckily no spills... yet. It is something to be aware of.
- High speed chatter, not really a speed demon, but not really meant for it either
- A little disppointed in the pop

Overall still a fun board for what I paid, but had I paid full pop I would be pretty disappointed. This is a good park board if you are not doing too much pipe, but it's not a board I'd be comfortable riding down a 45 degree slope with (I have my SL-R for that)

The 390's are awesome... no complaints.
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