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2012 Machete 158

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I'm buying a new board this fall and I'm looking at the 2012 machete online. Im 5'11'' - 145lbs, 9.5 shoe. it comes in a 155 and a 158. I'm almost 18 and still have some growing to do. would the 158 be the better choice
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158 is really on the large side for someone that's 145, 158 would be more appropriate for someone in the +/-180 range. You can certainly ride a big board but it will feel like a plank at your weight.
What's your skill level? I have several buddies around your weight range and shorter than you, but still ride 158's for their all mountain boards. They're rippers though. Since you're still growing, which probably means more weight and larger shoe size, then get the 158 so you don't outgrow before next season.
I would almost consider myself an intermediate rider. learned to ride when i was pretty young, then kinda stopped for a while. started up again about 2 winters ago.

take day trips to Big Bear, CA whenever i can because i live pretty close. get up to tahoe or mammoth about twice a year

Im going to college in colorado, so i plan to go a lot next winter...

I don't usually go in the park, but i plan of doing it more and more as i get better.

If i do get the 158 would it be difficult to use in the park?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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