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So another great season has ended. One that I rode in Utah and Colorado (mostly Loveland). This was my first season at Loveland and I have fallen in love with the place. It took me a while to get up the courage to brave the wind and snow conditions (I'm just an intermediate) up on the ridge. Ya know, the great Continental Divide. Once up there, it was a blast. Of course, I carefully picked my days to be up on the ridge.

In Utah my favorite haunt used to be Brighton, but this season, I hit up Solitude a good bit. Solitude is amazing... great terrain and no crowds. During the busiest days of the season, spring break and the Christmas-New Year holidays, the resort was EMPTY. Except for the occasional lift stoppage and resulting backup, the Eagle Express and Powderhorn II lifts were pretty much ride straight up and onto the chair.

This was the fourth season of more than a few days of recreational riding per season. So I have been making steady progress in my riding ability each of the last four years. Even though I think my advancement has been slower than what I've seen others make in the same time, I've thoroughly enjoyed myself and stayed injury free. :yahoo: So no complaints here.

This season was a turning point of sorts for me. Over the previous three seasons, I focused on improving my all-mountain freestyle skills with the intent on getting more into park riding. At least that's what I told myself while improving my tree and bump riding. This season I finally came out of the park closet and admitted to myself that freeriding (and eventually backcountry) is what I wanted to pursue. Riding the Ridge at Loveland is what did it for me.

Note to self: get rid of my extra park and freestyle boards on craigslist and add an aggressive freeride twin to the mix. Why twin you ask? Cuz I ride switch as well and as much as I ride regular. I can see a Never Summer Ripsaw is in my future. :)

2014/2015 season, here I come!
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