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2013 Gnu RC + Malavitas a smart upgrade?

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Hey everybody.

I'm looking to upgrade my setup this spring/offseason to try and match my riding style and where I want to take it. A couple seasons ago I picked up a Burton Clash 155 with the full rocker. It was paired with Burton Freestyle bindings as well. The setup is super soft and forgiving and really helped me gain confidence out there, but now I feel like it's almost too soft for me. I feel it getting a bit squirrelly/washing out at certain times when I really want it to bite the snow and feel solid under my feet.

A bit about myself:

~I'm 5'10", 150lbs
~Size 10 (us) boots with the reduced footprint
~I ride groomers, tree runs, I also hit some small jumps and rollers. I want to progress into the park a bit more now that I'm comfortable most places on a hill. I just don't like bombing steeps.
~I'm 25 so I'm pretty much done growing.
~High end of my board budget is around $400.
~I'm riding mostly in MN but I don't typically go out when it's straight ice. ~No deep pow or BC riding here either, but I do go to real mountains once a year where it's a possibility.

I definitely want to advance the freestyle aspect of my riding, but my hills require all mountain abilities as well due to the varying conditions. I found the Riders Choice for under 380 and it seems like it should excel at pretty much everything I need it to. Gnu site says you can ride it 3cm shorter so I was looking at the 151.5, since I want a little more freestyle feel than my 155. I have not ridden the C2-BTX hybrid camber, but I have ridden rocker and traditional camber and want something in between. I will definitely upgrade bindings as well. Burton Reflex Malavitas are really catching my eye at the moment. Any thoughts, comments, questions, threats, bribes?

Edit: If you any additional suggestions I'd love to hear them. I did quite a bit of research but it's tough to leave no turn unstoned.
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I have 2 riders choice's and love the shit out of em. Been riding the new one since January and it does everything well. It is stable at high speeds and it loves landing jumps.
Thanks for the reply. What bindings are you using with your RC?
Ride delta movements from 2010. Was going to buy new bindings this year but I bought my son all new gear. My wife put a stop to me buying gear after I bought my board. She upgraded to the ladies choice because of how much I like the rc!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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