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I picked up the 157cm this past season, so I figured I'd share my thoughts.

Newest featured tech:
Superstache technology- basically 0 Camber with a whiplash core profile. This means a thinner core in the middle of the deck and towards the tips, but a thicker core underfoot. The theory is that it adds pop.

Other popular tech:
Railkiller edge- an edge that's twice as thick for twice the durability
Scratch and Rip base- multiple layers of base, so different colors show through as you tear it up

And now for the review:

Flex- Middle of the road, but breaks in the more you ride it. At first it felt more like an all mountain deck flex to me, but after a couple days on the hill, it got much softer.

Sidecut- Radial sidecut. Nothing special. Holds an edge fine and is very predictable. I will admit that this is a drawback for me as I really like the dual degressive sidecut on the Rook and Team Gullwing.

Base- Extruded, but still pretty fast. Definitely not as fast as my TG, but I wouldn't complain. Still able to keep up with all my friends just fine. If you know how to point it, speed won't be a problem.

Pop- Yep. Superstache technology really works well. It's like this board was meant for ollies. Load up the tail (or nose) and launch yourself up.

Durability- The railkiller edge can really take a beating, which is the main reason I always go with Nitro boards to jib on. No problems here and in case there are, it comes with a 2 year warranty to back it up

Weight- Really light. As with all newer Nitro boards...

Buttering- Took a little more effort than I wanted it to at first, but really became easy after the board was broken in. The Swindle is flexible, but not a noodle. Super fun for flats!

Rails/boxes- It's a jib board, so of course it's going to excel here. Flexible enough to press the crap out of, but stiff enough to stay in control. The 0 camber shape is perfect. It doesn't hook up easily, but it also doesn't feel like only an inch of your board is on the rail, like when you boardslide on a rocker board.

Jumps- Anything over 25-30ft, I'm probably heading back to my car to grab my Team Gullwing or Status Uno. It's a little too soft for me to really feel comfortable going any bigger than that on it.

Pipe- Eh. I found it hard to carry speed up the sides. It gets the job done, but it wasn't something that wowed me.

Powder- Surprisingly, it wasn't bad. Sure, there are better boards for it, but for a park/jib board, I was pretty impressed. It floated very well. If you find yourself in a surprise powder day, you can still have lots of fun.

Charging- Possible, but not really recommended. It can get pretty sketchy at higher speeds haha. As I said, it's a softer flex board

I'd have to say that I was really impressed with the Swindle. If you have the money, I'd probably opt for the Rook instead, but if you want something that you can ride without worrying that you just spent $500 or you want a softer flex than the Rook, then this board is perfect. Tons of pop and extremely versatile. You can pretty much take this board anywhere except to 40+ft kickers and backcountry cliffs.
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