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Here's my take on the '14 Arbor Coda.

Board: Arbor Coda, 158cm
Shape: Arbor’s Mountain Twin — Parabolic rocker with grip tech edges
Bindings: NOW IPO
Stats: Dave 6′ 210 lbs stance at ~24″ regs, 15/-15
Conditions: Vail, CO overcast/greybird high teens/low-20s with about a foot of fresh in the back bowls

Flex: Overall a consistent medium all-mountain flex, versatile without being either too firm or too soft

Handling: On the groomers and in the choppier terrain you’ll get a lot of feedback from the board, so it’s definitely on the livelier side underfoot, but with the tapered blunt shape on this deck, it’s an absolute pow slayer. Quick, short-radius turns and speed checks in the trees are not a problem; there’s enough flex to let you initiate even those quick turns easily, and with the grip-tech you can really set and hold your longer carves with ease.

Ollie/Pop: This board delivers plenty of pop thanks to the bamboo they have running two lengths down the core of the board, plenty of snap and the blunt shape gives you a nice platform to ollie from.

Jibs/Playfulness: While this is not the most playful board in the world, an aggressive all-mountain freestyler can make the Coda do his bidding in the park and out. Not my first choice for park riding but for all-mountain playfulness the Coda gets the job done. If your definition of “parks” includes rock drops, tree cannons, side hits, natural lips and rollers, pillows and pow, then this might be the board for you.

Pricing: The Coda will set you back $500 which is par for the course for a good all-mountain freestyle board.

Overall: Arbor marks it as a big mountain board but it’s more all-mountain freestyle and really would be at home in bounds as well as out. Park would not be this board’s forte but think more like rock drops, tree cannons, side hits, natural lips and rollers, pillows and pow: if that’s your idea of a park, then this is your board.
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