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Does anyone know what the factory edge is set to for a 2014 Burton Flying V? I've heard Burton's are generally 90° with a 1° base edge and 1° side edge (or 89° from the base). But I don't know if that's accurate, or holds true for the Custom Flying V.

I called Burton customer support and they said 89°. I asked if they meant 1° base and 2° side (and he said "yeah"), but I realized later he might have meant 89° from the base for the side (so 1°/1° on the combi tool).

I really like the feel of my edges as they are now and I want to tune them the same way. Anyone know for sure what these are set to, or if Burton publishes the specs anywhere (I couldn't find any)?

ALSO: I was told a regular combi file guide should be fine for the Frostbite edges (by Burton), but I'm concerned they might need a special guide. Lib Tech apparently recommends a special (smaller) guide to fit their Magne-Traction edges better. Anyone have experience with Burton's edges in particular? I think the serrations are a tad wider than Lib Tech's, so maybe fine with a full-size guide?
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