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2014 Never Summer Infinity 151

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Initial impressions

Conditions: Summer refreeze, slough piles, and slushy afternoon pipe at Timberline Resort on Mt. Hood.

In a word? Solid. Halfway through my first run in about 3 months I looked over my shoulder to see my friend about 500 yards above me. When he caught up he exclaimed “holy cow you’re fast on that board!” The board is stable and glides with ease over varied terrain, allowing one to charge through non-ideal snow.
Transitioning from edge to edge is fluid. Having spent the majority of the season on a 149, finding the balance spots on the nose and tail did take some playing around, but the board is surprisingly lively for how well it charges. The Infinity’s ollie is a little forced, but it stomps landings like a champ due to its solid construction.
Pipe riding is where the board truly excels. The flex of the board provides smooth and effortless power transfer from nose to tail, making it easy to maintain speed through the transition. I had not had a chance to ride a half pipe at all during the previous season, but on this board it felt like I had never left.

Pros: Get some! The day spent in the sloughy ice pellets of Mt. Hood summer conditions made me excited to try this board on “real” snow. I think it will eat up in-bounds terrain. Landing this board is easy and stable, so drops and big girl hits will feel comfortable. I have been on every camber profile in super pipe and this board felt the best. This is by far my favorite pipe board that I’ve ridden.

Cons: Often when you build a board that easily handles variable terrain you give up some of the playfulness and pop. This board is more of an all-mountain charger than a freestyle dream machine. Ollies and spins felt a little forced and you have to work the board to get any significant pop out it. This being said, the only true park feature open that day was a half pipe, and it slayed that.

Bottom Line: It was a very fun first day and I am excited for more. I’m curious to try it in powder and in some sketchy D conditions to see its true all-around potential.


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