2018 Oz Custom Woody - $200obo (camrock)
Have had the Oz for a few years now and its a great true-twin charger / big jump / pipe board. Went with their “Varix” shape which is rocker/camber/rocker, but the camber is aggressive and it rides like a true camber board, load it up and it POPS. Rocker is slight but nice to keep it from feeling catchy. On the stiffer side around 7-7.5 flexing so not the most buttery or playful thing; nice torsional flex though, can really bend it around bumps without it feeling like a noodle. Imo feels like the UMT but with maybe a little tighter of a sidecut. Also has additional inserts that give you ~2” of setback for powder days, makes it a decent “quiver killer” option. Good board, in great shape, none of the issues others had with OZ boards. Probably has 35 days on it in total (only really got to use in the '18 and '21 seasons)

Big plus - looks great on the wall.