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-Board size: 154cm
-Bindings: M/L Rome DODs
-Boots: Vans High Standard Pro size 10
-Weight: 165-170lbs
-Height: 5’9”
Overall thoughts:
Lemme start by saying this thing rips!!
I’ve been on it for 2 seasons now and can confidently say my riding has improved a lot by being on this. It’s fluid edge to edge, the sidecut is dialed, it has just the right amount flex to rail a turn one moment and throw out some butter tricks the next. The one thing I haven’t gotten it into is deep powder. That’s due to a lack of boarding in general (college, work, family, etc). However, if you’re a speed freak and charge 80% of the time you may want to look at something else.
-Edge Hold
-Can handle speed

-Some chipping can be annoying
-Others might find that it lacks some pop due to the more mellow camber between the feet and bigger rockered sections outside the inserts.

Final Thoughts:
Can’t recommend this board enough. If you want a board for everything just buy this and forget about it.


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