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2022/2023/2024 Snowboards Hype & Disappointment Thread

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It is that time of the year. Next year's catalogs are coming out.

Zuzupopo starting to upload some already, there are a few extra catalogs of Burton and Capita at EZloungin (which I probably shouldn't just copy-paste links here without permission)

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Does anyone have an updated link for the 2023 catalogs? The link shared earlier in the the thread now gives a server error and redirects to a page where none of the links work. I am trying to track down the new Jones or Bataleon catalogs.
That page went down a few months ago. Hope it comes back because it was a great reference site. A partial listing is here but has very few 2023 catalogs: zuzupopo Publisher Publications - Issuu

☆2022-2023 SNOWBOARD WEB CATALOG☆ | スノーボード GOLGODA ゴルゴダ. This is a retailer in Japan, which means only the brands they carry are shown (no Jones) and, oh, Japanese.
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That new Peaceseaker looks very clean!

Im curious of the Capita Megadeath… like how much more souped up can that make the Bsod/Megamerc!
probably be like $900…
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Dave Mustaine's not gonna like that lol. Although... a version with Vic Rattlehead in place of the Capital skull might appeal to their fanbase.
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A little bummed there isn't a stiffer Supermatic.
It's a strategic and slow rollout. That's a maybe for 2025 if the demand and success of the binding continues.
A stiffer highback seems like it would be easy to do
Yep, makes sense. Was hoping for a version with Flow's carbon build.
I don’t understand the flex rating for this board. Maybe I’m in the minority of potential buyers, but I was really hoping this board was going to be super stiff. I wouldn’t mind a little bit more taper either, oh well.
But a freaking 6.5 flex rating?…
Seen this before. The 2020 BSOD was also rated at 6.5/10 on their scale but turned out to be one stiff mofo according to Angry. I recently rode this board and agree there is no way in hell that board is/was 6.5. Felt more like an 8 even after 3 seasons of use.
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I remember reading Burton claiming that they "break-in" the boards at factory so the flex should be very consistent afterwards. Can't find the article now. But I thought many companies may prestress the boards to get rid of the break in period so the flex should be mostly consistent until end-of-life.
They called it Infinite Ride, claiming their boards were "overbuilt" and then put in machines that broke them in. Used to be mentioned in board descriptions but isn't anymore. Either they removed the claim due to legal reasons or they stopped the process altogether. Anyone know why?
For some reason, Burtons marketing has moved away from all the buzzwords and new age sidecut names. Their website doesn’t mention or explain it. They’re like the only company that doesn’t boast about what % of their woodcores are Paulownia, bamboo or plastic bottles either.

But was looking at my brothers HTH, and all that “tech” is on the sticker.… Infinite Ride, Squeezebox, Frostbite edges, Pro-Tip etc.

View attachment 166671

fwiw, Jones has all the same renamed tech… forever flex, v-core, traction tech.. but when all boards have that stuff…. Burton probably thinks keeping it simple to not confuse customers sells more boards through branding is enough
Imagine that. A company that got tired of its own marketing jargons. Capita, take a hint maybe?

Just for kicks, I asked ChatGPT why Burton isn't using Infinite Ride in their advertising. This is its reply:

I'm not sure why Burton may not be advertising the use of Infinite Ride technology in their snowboards at the moment. It's possible that they're focusing their advertising efforts on other aspects of their product line or that they've made changes to the technology that they're currently promoting. Additionally, advertising strategies can change frequently in response to market conditions or other factors, so it's difficult to say why they might not be emphasizing Infinite Ride at this time. However, Infinite Ride remains a key part of Burton's snowboard offering and the company continues to produce boards using this technology.
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Sidecut is listed as 10m on the 159, with an aggressive response. Definitely intrigued... though the waist is a bit narrow by today's standards.

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Commissioner/Smokescreen have similar long sidecuts while being slightly wider. The specs for Deep Fake's wide sizes are very similar to Commi/Smoke's. Hmmm. I wonder if they are planning to replace those two.
Thats a really cool overview!

But… I just can’t get over the looks.. esp on a $650 deck.

Wish he went more into his “rocket man” stuff, and less 5th grade artwork...

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"...les potes, l'amour, la vie"

le moche

Reminds me of Peter Line's pro models from late Forum days.
Someone's bound to ask questions about their Salomon Solomon Lomonsal board.... just wait and see.
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