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2022/2023/2024 Snowboards Hype & Disappointment Thread

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It is that time of the year. Next year's catalogs are coming out.

Zuzupopo starting to upload some already, there are a few extra catalogs of Burton and Capita at EZloungin (which I probably shouldn't just copy-paste links here without permission)

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Nidecker 23/24

Was thinking about Thruster this year, but I guess I'll wait for the 23/24 model. Digging that aggressive black matte look.
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If you can manage to wrangle that stupid Youtube search to do something worthwhile, there's people test-riding a lot of the 23-24 boards on demo days. (--edit: The very least the former presenter guy from The House on his new channel, he seemed to have access to plenty of models.)
What is the channel name? I thought you meant Matt Guf but the last video on his channel is 5 years old.
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