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2022/2023/2024 Snowboards Hype & Disappointment Thread

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It is that time of the year. Next year's catalogs are coming out.

Zuzupopo starting to upload some already, there are a few extra catalogs of Burton and Capita at EZloungin (which I probably shouldn't just copy-paste links here without permission)

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That new Peaceseaker looks very clean!

Im curious of the Capita Megadeath… like how much more souped up can that make the Bsod/Megamerc!
probably be like $900…
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Found this on reddit. Not as good looking as the las two seasons but it's back as a true twin and has a new core. Very interested...
Now that they put “Skill Level” on their gear catalog… wonder if it’ll deter newbies from buying Super DOAs….
(There’s a comically large number of 2nd hand SDOAs in my area… either they were stolen, or just too much board for most…)
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Apparently, someone on Reddit had a sneak peak of the 23/24 Capita Catalog last month,,
Am actually kinda interested in the upgraded Navigator (if price stays the same.. would be excellent value)

Megadeath with more setback than BSOD is interesting.
Some Aussie stores have updated their listing with ‘24 gear.

Bataleon, Capita, Nitro, Public


Did Ride like… lay-off their entire graphics department?
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Shadowban graphic reminds me of a 2000's burton custom. Can't recall the year.
09 Custom?
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The Deep Fake might be interesting…

(and I like black)
Clean black/white etc can be understated and look real nice. (Like the Peace Seeker next year is pretty clean too)

I was kinda commenting on more on the Pigs, since they seem to sell more. Really not feeling the squiggly spray paint lines on those…
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Any leads on next years K2 stuff? Specifically what color the Lien AT will be?
Think they’re getting discontinued.

The 2023/2023 K2 bindings line is missing some familiar faces. Classic bindings like the Lien AT and Line Up will sing their swan song as K2 introduces the Path, Albany, and Network for women and the Program, Edition, and Bond unisex bindings. The majority of the new bindings are freestyle-inclined but the Path and the Program are ultra stiff and ready for freeride objectives.

Will be looking forward to sniping some close out sales!

try that

They have the Rome Catalog too!
Shame it seems like they’re taking away the Pivotmount on the Vice. those were great value bindings.
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$850 for a Golden Orca…
year-on-year price bumps…
Hope it’s not industr-wide (but probably is)
If you guys want to see 2024 gear… can download the “xiaohongshu” app. It’s the China-instagram clone.

People on there regularly post ’24 catalogs and trade show pics….
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Then you’ve got Jones recycling materials, doing reclaimed cores and charging more. I try to be environmentally conscious and understand that this might cost more, but I doubt the product is actually better. That’s just not something that I’m going to pay for. Just make a board that’s going to last!
ULTRA Construction!
And they seem upgrade their bio-resin by making it “30%” stronger/more durable like every 2-3 years... So it’s still work-in-progress it seems.

(The Capita Super/Mega boards are also using recycled PET…plastic bottles… in their cores are charging a lot more for it.. Apex Orca too)
They called it Infinite Ride, claiming their boards were "overbuilt" and then put in machines that broke them in. Used to be mentioned in board descriptions but isn't anymore. Either they removed the claim due to legal reasons or they stopped the process altogether. Anyone know why?
For some reason, Burtons marketing has moved away from all the buzzwords and new age sidecut names. Their website doesn’t mention or explain it. They’re like the only company that doesn’t boast about what % of their woodcores are Paulownia, bamboo or plastic bottles either.

But was looking at my brothers HTH, and all that “tech” is on the sticker.… Infinite Ride, Squeezebox, Frostbite edges, Pro-Tip etc.

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fwiw, Jones has all the same renamed tech… forever flex, v-core, traction tech.. but when all boards have that stuff…. Burton probably thinks keeping it simple to not confuse customers sells more boards through branding is enough
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I’d like to know this as well… is something else replacing it?
Its definitely still there.
Just missing in the JP catalog

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I quite liked Longos LE Mercury a couple years back.

Guess he has a thing for abstract art.
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Looks like the Katanas next year have the same super damp and comfy footbeds from the Bataleon bindings (that Angry raves about).

Shaping up to be an end-all “perfect” binding.
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Thats a really cool overview!

But… I just can’t get over the looks.. esp on a $650 deck.

Wish he went more into his “rocket man” stuff, and less 5th grade artwork...

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Hope he can grow the channel!
But I think his old channel had a better name.. “Guf Gear”… but it’s also not his real name lol.. he always introduced himself as Matt Guf…
Matt Guf was a different guy from The House.
I now realize that they changed presenters sometime in 2020.

But they did cover the same content (Snowboard Previews, gear “reviews”, snowboard repairs etc) and the “Hi I’m Matt from the House” intro did kinda throw me into a loop…

Thought Matt (Guf) just had a new post-Covid lockdown look or something…. Sounded similar with just a raspier voice.

Totally make sense why actors use stage names to avoid any confusions….
Not gonna lie I would love a NASCAR or F1 themed board. I dont watch racing or anything, I just think it would be cool as hell.
Next years Dancehaul has racing flags and racing flames ;)

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