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So I have been riding for 4 years now, and I am starting to figure out what qualities I like in my current board, and what I don't like. My wife and I are planning to upgrade this year, so I am trying to find options that match my riding style.

Height: 6'
Weight: 200lbs
Boot size: 10

Riding style:
Currently all mountain riding. 80% freeride/jumps 20% park/jibbing. I really want to progress in jumping natural features as well as kickers more this year and next year.

Current board
163 2007 Burton Royale (aka wide version of the old school Burton Air)
Pros- I like that fact that it has a little wider base for landing jumps. It is fun to press and butter. I like the pop of tradition camber.

Cons- Tad long for my taste. I am starting to work on 180s and find that the length is challenging to spin for me.

I'm worried about losing the pop I get with traditional camber if I were to go with a RC type of board. I am interested in a hybrid type of board (both camber and reverse camber) , but I am not too sure which hybrid will give me that pop feeling.

I mostly ride groom trails in the MidWest. Midwest slopes can get icy and nasty.

Boards I have considered

Flow Era
Capita Indoor Survival
NS Evo
K2 Slayblade
LibTech Banana Magic

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to upgrading out of the Burton Royale. Thanks!!

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Out of those boards listed, I would say either the Evo, SLayblade, and possibly the B.Magic. You should have plenty of pop with anything that is flat or has camber under or outside the feet. With the MN hardpack that you have I would lean towards the Evo and B.Magic.
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