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I just got back from riding 40cm at Sunshine. Some of the best turns of my life, but fuck me why did I not get a Lake Louise pass as well this season :facepalm2:

Sunshine does not handle that much snow well. Especially super cold, slow snow. Not enough steep runs, at least not enough when lifts are opening one by one so the crowds follow the newly opened lifts. I was there until 4.30pm and did 11 runs. Normally I call it a day around 2.30 at 20-25 runs. Bonus is I'm more in love with the Archetype than ever, only reason I lasted all day. Friends dropped like flies, and even on the cat tracks or ski out, I was overtaking every one. It's super satisfying to casually glide past a skier who's skating and using their poles >:) Fantastic base on this board, and it absolutely slays the steep and deep.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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