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5'2 and about 85 lbs - Help with board sizing and picking out a board?

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* Height: 5'2
* Weight: 85 lbs (I'm trying to gain weight, but I won't let that stop me from buying a board)
* Boot Size: 8 / 9 (depending on the boot)

I have been snowboarding for around 3 years now. I can do blacks just fine and am starting to do double blacks (going to Park City soon and am excited to go check out Jupiter Peak). I have rented boards this entire time and they have always been anywhere in between 140cm - 150cm.

Type of Board
*Flex Rating 5-6
*Should be able to butter well

If anybody could help me out with finding a board and a good size (or help with either one) that would be amazing, thanks!

P.S. My best guess for a snowboard size for me would be 145cm.
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I'm leaning towards the NS Infinity right now at 145cm. My only concern is that the waist width is 232 mm, and the recommended shoe size range is 5-8. It doesn't specify if this is men's or women's sizes, however, I'm going to guess it is in female boot sizes because it is a women's board. I should probably go and get a boot first, however I predict I might end up with a 8.5 - 9.5 in women's. Worst case scenario is that I'm a 10 somehow. If this is the case, will it be bad enough for me to look into another board?
So are you a small male? A youth? Or a woman? Age might help too. That info would help us recommend something. Your stats are approximate to my 9 year old son but you don't write like a 9 yr old so I have to assume you are older. I don't want to offend you by recommending a youth board or a woman's board if you aren't those. Just saying a few more stats would help.
You are still growing then. I'd probably look at a Burton Custom Smalls or something like that. You have bigger feet for your weight so you might want to look at a wide board. Burton has a 145W Custom Smalls. It has a waist width of 245mm so it should fit your feet. It says recommended weight is 100-130lbs but you would probably be ok on it. Also check out the 140. it has a waist width of 238mm and is for 90-120lbs. It might fit your feet. That's the kind of board I'd look at if I was you. You will be bigger in a couple of years and can move up to a men's board if you wish.
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k let me offend a runt or just the midget of the litter? reason for asking is that you could still go on a growth spurt. if u gots size 10 feet and that short have considered the snow circus? seriously is the rest of your family giants, small or regular? if you were a pup with big would be presumed that you'd grow to be a big dog. u know genetics do influence.

let's presume your folks are regular is 5'7" and 130# and dad is 5'10" and 180-200#...if that were the case, I'd assume that you will grow and put on some poundage...unless you got some hormonal issues. so say ur regular and presuming u will be growing and gaining muscle...then I'd deter you away from a ns infinity and more towards a larger and more stiffer board. also presuming you are referring to your sized feet as male....and asking about a female board...which by standard will be referenced by women's size

so tell us more
:rofl: Oh Wrath you kill me! :rofl: Runt of the litter, hysterical! :rofl:
Because its kind of personal, I won't go into details, however, I have never met my biological father so I don't know what he looks like. I do have a twin sister and she also weighs very little. I am taller than my mother, she weighs a lot more than me, but, we have the same shoe size. It's a little confusing to predict genetics because of this :/ Oh yeah, I am not a midget and am just a bit shorter than most other kids my age :p
Don't get butt hurt. He's just busting your balls. He's a tiny, creepy Asian man and I'm a fat fuck white dude (270lbs). Whatever. You don't need to be sexy to snowboard. :rofl3:
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surprisingly back in the day...this would occasionally work. 4 gals hanging out...walk up to the petite one... "so ur the runt of the litter" (gives a me the stink eye and other gals are aghast)..."so ur a little tuffy ...what do ya got?"

it either worked or it didn't...pretty efficient
Your pickup game is terrible bro. How do you have children? jk :rofl:

Seriously thou I could see that working sometimes. My wife was pretty feisty when I first met her, she was really busting my balls when I was trying to chat her at a bar. So I gave it back to her. She said she was a vegetarian and I said, "Did you know Hitler was a vegetarian?" hilarious. :rofl3: Then she tells me that she drives a Volkswagen Beetle and I say, "Did you know Hitler invented the Volkswagen Beetle?" omg too funny. :rofl3: She thought she was this cool hippie chick and I'm comparing her to Hitler. She thought I was a total asshole but it worked. She gave me her number that night and we've been married for 10 years and have 2 beautiful boys. Haha. Jerks rule!!
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on another note...some of the best snowboarders are really quite small....the ones I've met were surprisingly small...Kelly Clark, Gretchen Bleiler, Lucas DeBari
OMG tons and tons of snowboarders are microscopic: Louis Vito is like Danny Devito size, Chloe Kim is the size of a cabbage patch kid to name a couple more.

It is an advantage to be a smaller snowboarder especially as a freestyler, less mass to throw around, easier to flip and spin, crashes aren't as bad etc. Same for gymnasts which is basically what a freestyler is. There aren't too many 6'4" 220lbs high level gymnasts, most of those dudes are 5'6".
try the ns mini proto 142
this will give you some room to grow
my son is your size size 8.5 boot 90 lbs he rides the 140
this is a great all around board will handle anything, and has great pop

Yup totally agree. :goodpost: As I've mentioned on a couple other threads, I just got the full size Proto and I love it. Great suggestion Larry, this kid might be able to find it on sale too.
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