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5'2 and about 85 lbs - Help with board sizing and picking out a board?

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* Height: 5'2
* Weight: 85 lbs (I'm trying to gain weight, but I won't let that stop me from buying a board)
* Boot Size: 8 / 9 (depending on the boot)

I have been snowboarding for around 3 years now. I can do blacks just fine and am starting to do double blacks (going to Park City soon and am excited to go check out Jupiter Peak). I have rented boards this entire time and they have always been anywhere in between 140cm - 150cm.

Type of Board
*Flex Rating 5-6
*Should be able to butter well

If anybody could help me out with finding a board and a good size (or help with either one) that would be amazing, thanks!

P.S. My best guess for a snowboard size for me would be 145cm.
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Big feet, bet he'll be tall soon. Guessing he can't grow facial hair yet and hasn't really started the fun part of puberty yet.

We might not know how tall his dad was, but we know his dad banged his mom, so the guy had to have something going for him at least lol.

I was one of the shortest kids in my class freshman year (15). Now I'm 6'2" and built pretty decently.

My money is on him hitting a growth spurt. I think we should size him up. My gf weighs 110 lbs and rides a 144... i think we can go a little higher for him though.
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