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5'2 and about 85 lbs - Help with board sizing and picking out a board?

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* Height: 5'2
* Weight: 85 lbs (I'm trying to gain weight, but I won't let that stop me from buying a board)
* Boot Size: 8 / 9 (depending on the boot)

I have been snowboarding for around 3 years now. I can do blacks just fine and am starting to do double blacks (going to Park City soon and am excited to go check out Jupiter Peak). I have rented boards this entire time and they have always been anywhere in between 140cm - 150cm.

Type of Board
*Flex Rating 5-6
*Should be able to butter well

If anybody could help me out with finding a board and a good size (or help with either one) that would be amazing, thanks!

P.S. My best guess for a snowboard size for me would be 145cm.
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I'm still uncertain as to the gender. I'm going to assume female. At your weight you don't need an adult board. The good news about that is you've just knocked 50% off the price of a board.

The bad news is your choices are greatly reduced in girls youth boards. For most adult boards you are barely on the chart, well in the bottom 10% of it at least for a 142. I really wouldn't go larger. In my opinion you don't' have the meat on your bones to be throwing around a 150 easily.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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