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A few Burton reviews

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I'm 5'8, 145lbs, size 9.5 boots. Both boards were set up 22.5 wide and 15/-15

Joystick 150 with Exiles.

I didn't like this board. The best word I came up with to describe it was sleepy. It felt slow edge to edge, lazy to initiate ollies, and just kinda stiff. It cut through crud nicely and was very smooth and damp though. Jibbing was just blah, it didn't press well for me and felt very torsionally stiff. It just felt too planky for me. I liked the bindings. The new ankle strap is interesting. I still hate Burton forward lean too. I guess there isn't much to say about the bindings, they were there, they kept me on the board and didn't kill my foot.

Easy Livin' 152 with Exiles and Infidels.

I actually really liked this board a lot. It was smooth, very fun switch, and had a killer sweet spot for presses. I never overpressed it buttering or jibbing but could really get into the presses. You just kinda got to a point where the board locked, in a good way. Ollies weren't anything crazy fantastic but I had no problems getting it into the air like I wanted. It didn't rail a turn as well as I would have expected with it being rock-cam, but it also wasn't washy (It was a demo board after all, edges were probably eh). Tips were weird. I'm assuming the shape is so it can stay smaller and spinnable but float a little better. Really fun and predictable on jibs and fairly forgiving for jumps but still stable enough for boostage. I originally had it with Infidels but I wear K2 T1's with the BOA dial for the liner on the side of the boot. Well the wings hit the dial. So I took one run with those and had to switch them out. I like them but I can't really give a fair take on them. I wanted to try the Malavitas but they didn't have any mediums left, so I knew the Exiles fit well and rode them the resto of the day. EST in general is just kinda eh. I never really notice much of a difference in board feel or dampening or shock absorbtion or anything. For me it doesn't live up to the hype.

Probably heading back to WP tomorrow so more reviews are sure to come. Hopefully the Hate, Condom, and Hero. Maybe a Method if I'm feeling crazy.
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