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Acess to snowboard building tools in Denver/General board building thread

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So I want to build my own board for giggles, and Ive got most of the tools I need already in my arsenal from doing carpentry and cabling. The only thing is, I would really rather not go out and buy a machine planer and a jigsaw for this just yet. Is there anywhere that has free or hell even paid access to a tool like that without renting or buying? I'm gonna go ask around a few shops and see what they say, but am I SOL until I buy that stuff or is there a maker space or something with everything I need? I might be able to borrow a jigsaw from someone, nobody I know has a planer though. I wouldn't have a second thought about buying a planer if I didn't live in an apt, and I really don't wanna have to store it. Anyone in CO have some advice?

On another note, has anyone here built their own board? How did it go? What materials did you use? Did you trace a board you have or make the shape from scratch?
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Well I have an extensive list of this stuff. What part of Colorado are you in?
I just bought my own snowboard press but haven't quite gotten my shop set up for it yet. I need to get one more 220v outlet set up then I should be good to go with my first board build.

For tools you have a few different options.
1. The tool library in denver: year long for 1 person is $120, household is $160 and single project use $30. Denver Tool Library | Lending, DIY Classes & Community Workshop
2. CCU-colorado state has a tool center for bigger stuff like a CNC, which is what I was looking at using to make my press profiles. Can't remember the exact price on that, but it was economical over buying myself a CNC to start. Training - Nancy Richardson Design Center
3. Tinkermill, based out of Longmont, they have a library of tools, classes for training on said tools and different community stuff around building. It seems like a great place to use bigger tools but also a community to help if you need to learn. TinkerMill - The Longmont, Colorado Makerspace

As for profiling cores, if you have a router that might be the easiest way to start, build a jig to get your wood profile. If you want to build long term it might not be your best option because it can be a pretty daunting task. I'd say if I was just building 1 board I would get it pre profiled from online. like here--> Home This is one of the only US based companies to get supplies from, there are a lot of resources out there. Try it has an infinite supply of knowledge out there.

Planer is an expensive buy, but a jigsaw is not too bad. You can usually pick up a decent one from a pawn shop for less than $50. Hell I think they have new ones at Harbor Freight for less than $50. It's a nice tool to have in the arsenal and really reasonable cost.

I think for my 1st board, I am going to trace an old board to get an idea of shape.... but there are some nice bits of software out there that can help with shapes etc. SnoCAD and MonkeyCAM. MonkeyCAM

Here is the absolute best website in learning how to build your own board: Monkey Press Construction - Monkey Wiki Snowboard Construction

Good luck, let me know how it goes!
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thanks for all the tips! I appreciate it. I got about halfway into designing one and I realized I honestly have to ride more before I really know what I want or need in a board I would be making myself. I dont wanna make a "me too!" board, so Im gonna revisit the idea in a year or two after Ive ridden more boards and know exactly what I DONT want. Im still extremely interested in doing it, and Ive acquired more tools. Just need the know-how to not go down the Never Summer path. Thinking I might take a materials science class and then get started so I know what materials I want to use and why, rather than just copying stuff thats already out there. I will definitely up[date you whenever that happens! Also, Im in Cap Hill, the middle of Denver.
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