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Advancing in boarding will tech spoil it?

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Hi, I've been skiing for a long time and boarding from one year. During that year I had 20 days riding. I advanced a lot from absolute beginner to no problem riding all types of groomers, some carving and easy butters. Also freeriding - some powder, icy offpiste terrains , in woods, moguls under the lift and etc. . Despite my good advancing I still have a lot more to learn, the most important is good and correct technique. I want to advance in All Mountain riding - butters and small jump on the groomers and freeriding. So I am wondering will tech like Magne traction and Gnu/LibTech asymmetric cuts ruin my advancing. I am considering to buy a Gnu Pickle but I have doubts that it will make me learn bad habits and deny me the opportunity to get real used to the classic board and then have a base for comparison. What's your opinion is this an issue? Should I orientate to a more classical board until I advance enough for instance like the: Rome Factory Rocker Snowboard 2013 | evo outlet
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I think you will be fine. The more you ride, the better you will get at getting a feeling from a board and riding it how it likes to be ridden.

It's like a car. You don't drive them all the same way because they behave differently, but you won't crash a car just from driving the same one for awhile and then switching.
Yeah, it's not a problem. I went from a cheapo board to a pretty good upper-mid board (with different tech) in my second year snowboarding. It was just more fun. This isn't like music theory where things must be done a certain way. Take a lesson or two if you're uncertain about certain techniques, but otherwise it's about having fun.
Time on the snow is time on the snow. It'd probably be a little hard to start from scratch on a Rad Air 222, but otherwise snow time is good time.

Advanced riding has more to do with terrain reading and confidence anyway.
Thank you I will be getting the pickle then :)
Thank you I will be getting the pickle then :)
That's what she said. :laugh:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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