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Advice, Arbor Element RX, Burtom Custom Flying V, Bataleon or Capita BSOD?

Hey everyone (new guy here)!

I'm looking for some advice for getting new gear for this season. I've browsed the web for reviews and information on boards that could fit my riding style and experience.

I'm an intermediate snowboarder who grew up near a resort so I've done plenty of snowboarding in my younger years (25 years old now). Mostly just riding and not that much jumping and doing tricks though. I've only owned boards from the cheaper segment which were all mountain and they have felt very stiff.

I've recently moved to Switzerland and I expect to get myself into more offpist and park/freestyle riding this season. So I want a board that fits those environments. I want to be able to do some carvings in powder while still being able to have fun in the park/woods/jumps. And i guess it's hard to find a board that will do well everywhere with out sacrificing something.

I'm 180cm tall, weighs around 70kgs(mostly fat, I'm a computer guy).

After reading up on a few boards here's the candidates so far:
Arbor Element RX
Burton Custom Flying V
Capita BSOD
And any of the Bataleon boards that would fit my the style of riding described above.

Which one of those do you think would be good for me? I guess it's a very subjective thing and you really have to try the boards to know if it fits you but I just need a board to start with as I've been off the mountains for a few years now. So a board to get back at it again.

Feel free to add any other board to that list if you think it would be something to consider. And if you have any thoughts about bindings and boots or board lengths.

Sorry for the wall of text here and my English (Swedish guy typing).


I'm an intermediate rider who is looking for a board to kickoff my riding again after being off the mountains for a few years. Gonna ride mostly freestyle and I want the board to be able to handle powder as well as riding in woods, parks and jumps.
Cheers! :)
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