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What's up guys. I've been doing some research on a good board for me and I've narrowed my choices down to the Capita DOA and the Never Summer SL. But as far as boots and bindings go it seems to be a lot harder for me to pick out a few that I think I would like for these particular boards.

Being a wakeboarder I know I love a very supportive boot that has flex when you need it. Not stiff, and not soft, but a stiffer flexy boot that gets the job done and is fairly versatile as far as the transition between boat and cable goes.

I would love to have something similar on my new board for when I head out to Utah to ride this winter. So I guess what I'm asking is given my preferences for a boot, what would your guys's opinion be for a boot and binding to throw onto either the Defenders of awesome or SL, like I mentioned earlier?

I'm an all mountain rider who does a little if everything but mostly just speed runs with a lot of carving and some jibbing too. Love a set up that can handle speed and powder as well.

I hope this isn't too vague to give an opinion on, thanks guys :D :thumbsup:
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