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hey guys, new to the forum, ive been getting more and more into boarding lately and none of my friends know anything so i figured i'd ask around for some advice.

First boots

I have the 2009 burton hails and i love them, they are very comfortable but the only problem is after im riding for about an hour or 2 i notice the top of my foot begins to get insanely sore to the point where i have to go take my boots off for a while, could this be the boots shape? or am i possibly doing up my bindings too tight? any thoughts?

and binding placement

I find i have a little bit of issues transitioning my turns on steeper runs and im thinking maybe changing my binding placement would help that. right now i have my bindings centered with my front foot pointed forward 15 degrees and my back foot pointed back 5 degrees, seems to work decent but i would like to be able to carve a bit down the more steep runs.

Thanks in advance!

Oh and incase it matters im riding a 2009 burton operator with 2010 mission bindings

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first off your boots, are you sure your toes have enough room? Try experimenting with different socks and see if there is a difference. Boots should be comfortable all around. When i say all around, i literally mean ALL around. No pressure points anywhere, and a nice snug fit is the way to go.

For your bindings, we as a snowboarding forum cannot identify what is the best fit for yourself. We only offer suggestions, but the rest is up to you. A normal regular stance can be -15,+0, to duck stance, -15,+15. You just have to try it out for yourself.

And while on binding placement, check the distance from your bindings. 23"? 22"? test different lengths as well, farther lengths allow for more control when stomping a landing, while shorter lengths allow for fast dynamic carves.

But the main point is: TEST FOR YOURSELF.

Cheers, hope that helped.
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