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Advise - Full snowboarding outfit and equipment

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Hi all,

I would like to purchase a full snowboarding outfit and equipment to mark my 35th anniversary ;)

Level: beginner - intermediate for occasional practice, weekends and holidays
Looking for: versatility, durability, quality, comfortable, warm, long term investment, uniform style

After doing some research, here is my selection:

Snowboard - Nitro Cinema
Bindings - Fix Snowboard Rossignol Battle Black White - M-L
Boots - Burton Moto Boa Black
Jacket – Burton - Men's Burton [ak] Helitack GORE‑TEX 2L Hedge Green
Pants - Burton - [ak] Cyclic GORE-TEX 2 L Hedge Green
Socks - Burton - Ultralight compression
Helmet - POC Fornix
Goggles - Atomic Revent OTG HD Goggles Black
Bagpack – Burton [ak] Dispatcher 25 L
Gloves - Burton [ak] Clutch GORE-TEX Gloves
Pullover / Hoodie - Burton - Mountain Sweatshirt
Fleece Jacket - The North Face
T-shirt - Helly Hansen - Pro Lifa
Hood - POC – Balaclava
Hat - Burton
Other Mountain boots - Moon Boot - Bottes Icon Black Nylon
Snowboard protection – Burton Commuter Space Sack

What do you think about the choices, quality and consistency of the equipment?

If you have any advice, especially on the following aspects, I'd love to have your feedback:
  • Board
  • Bindings
  • Boots
  • Jacket/ Pants

Many thanks for your help :)
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Hi Craig64, thank you for your feedback - I am still discovering quite some aspects at this point ;) good you raised this. I thought the boots would be sufficient for my level. Would you recommend a more appropriated one?
Great, I will look into alternative for the boots. Any recommendation for a budget under 400€?

Regarding the board, I also did quite some research there, I don't know much about the technical aspect but I defintely love the built and design of the Nitro ;)
I like very much the T3 as well: T3 | Nitro Snowboards
I will look into that for the boots, it's best to go directly in a store indeed ;)

Any particular advise on the following which can also be quite technical?
  • Board
  • Bindings
  • Jacket/ Pants
  • Goggles
Hi everyone, many thanks for your help and active participation here, this is very helpful. I am gonna recap your inputs:
  • Boots: look into a better quality by trying more models in a store to see whats fit best, invest more budget in it due to their importance
  • Board: look into a different model from Nitro that is more suitable for my level and usage
  • Helmet/Goggles: if not the same brand, check out if suitable together
  • T-shirt, neck - go for merino instead of technical stuff - It makes riding much more comfy and no odor
Purchasing order + some advises:
1- Boots - be careful with the size
2- Board - look at the usage, for me it's more about riding without park, so most likely to go for an hybrid camber
3- Binding - check compatibility with the board, can help
4- Jackets/Pants
5- Goggles & Helmet - for goggles, if budget allow, to go for magnetic lens system for different weather conditions (top references: Smith, Dragon, Oakley, Anon... -> Smith Squads: interchangeable lenses)

Boots and goggles are extremely important - splurge more on them compared to other gear.
  • Consider bibs instead of pants, especially for powder days - or because falling more as per level, prevents snow from getting into base layers
  • Look into some base layers for the legs as missing for now
  • Get the best outwear possible to stay dry
  • Reduce the size of the bagpack or leverage pockets instead
  • Add protective gears: crash pants, knee pads
  • Gloves vs Mittens are personal preference. Mittens are warmer but less dexterity.
And many references suggested. I Hope I did not forget any important point ;)

No need for a board bag unless traveling - what would you recommend to store it?
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Thanks a lot once again guys for your help - I will continue the research and start to go in store... ;)

I also found this very cool solution to fix the snowboard on wall:
Hello guys,

Just to follow-up, I have reviewed the initial selection, especially to go for better Boots as essential, included bibs instead of pants and a smaller bagpack:

Boots: Men's Photon Step On® Snowboard Boots | Winter 2023

Bibs: Men's [ak] Cyclic GORE-TEX 2L Bib Pants (Short) | Winter 2023

Smaller bagpack 18L instead of 25L: [ak] Dispatcher 18L Backpack | Winter 2023

What do you think of this revisited selection? Many thanks ;)
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Still for the boots, would you recommend any other references to look into that would be more universal to bindings rather than a Burton reference only?

You definitely convinced me to not especially go for a bagpack and leverage my pants/bib pockets instead ;)

Great for the Burton AK bibs I have selected ;) I will then keep it in the list.
Swissmade from the Alps, looks interesting ;) I will look into it.
For the base layers: Merino wool (t shirt, legs...) any brand/reference to recommend?
Excellent, thanks a lot for your inputs here money4me247, very helpful. I was for sure planning to go in store for the boots, helmet and other elements but this is still helpful for me at this point to find out a few references upfront, as I am based in a place where I have limited access to some stores/products. So I can already search online, then select the stores to visit with a maximum of choices.

I will also have a look on the merino wool baselayers options you provided ;)

Other point I wanted to clarify when it comes to the choice of the Helmet/Goggles. Does it have to be 100% the same brand or not especially, highly preferred or better?
Top notch :) thanks again for this money4me247.

For the wax to maintain the board, do you have any kit recommendation?

And also: as a beginner, should I mount the bindings on my own or leave a professional doing so?
Thanks a lot guys once again for your precious advises, I have learned a lot from you :)

I will now search for more items regarding: base layers in merino, wax kit/tools for mounting the bindings and add them to the list.

For the Goggles, I have seen this kind of option at Anon: magnetic lenses/interchangeable depending on weather condition:

However, it is super expensive, I am seeking for a some Goggles/pack of lenses with a way cheaper alternative. Apparently, Oakley doesn't not offer any goggles with magnetic lens system.
Additional question:

Boots: Nidecker - Rift (to be tried in store) Rift
Bindings: Rossignol Battle Men's Rossignol Battle B&W snowboard binding (M/L)
Board: Nitro Cinema (after recommendation from Nitro based on my level and needs) Cinema | Nitro Snowboards
Size advised: 155 - I am 175cm

Nitro recommended to go for some Rambler to have the full kit with the board - they said thought that this is compatible with the Rossignol Rambler | Nitro Snowboards

It is a seller "upsell" or it would better to go for the same board/bindings brand?
Also adding to the list the following items:

Board/bindings fix:


Wall mount:
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For the merino/base layers and socks, here what I have selected:

Thanks a lot once again for all your advises. I will look into it. And especially spend some time in store trying the materials. I will invest in two phases as per follow. If anything is irregular based on your experience or if can do better choices, pleased to receive some feedback ;)

Phase 1


Nidecker - Rift

Nitro - Cinema - 1m55 (for 1m75 height + 68kg)

Rossignol - Fix Snowboard Rossignol Battle Black White - M-L

Burton - Men's Burton [ak] Helitack GORE‑TEX 2L Hedge Green

Burton - Pantalon [ak] Cyclic GORE-TEX 2 L

Burton - Men's [ak] Cyclic GORE-TEX 2L Bib Pants (Short)

Anon - M4 including 2 lenses + 1 additional for different weather conditions

POC - Fornix

Burton - [ak] Clutch GORE-TEX Gloves

Smartwool - Snowboard Targeted Cushion Logo Over The Calf Socks

Binding/Board fixations
Burton - Bullet Tool

Wall mount – Snowboard
Burton - Snowboard Wall Mounts

Phase 2


Smartwool - Men's Classic Thermal Merino Base Layer Crew

Smartwool - Men's Classic Thermal Merino Base Layer Bottom

Smartwool - Men's Classic All-Season Merino Base Layer 1/4 Zip

Moon Boot - Bottes Icon Black Nylon

POC - Balaclava


Board wax
Burton - All-Season Fast Wax
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I’m honestly not sure if this thread is a wind-up or not??!!

I have a lot of questions…

Starting with: are you a teenage girl who wants people in the airport to know you are going on a ski trip?
Unless you answer YES, you will not need these:
Did your mother never learned you not be rude? It's clear some people have money frustration here ;)

For your info, everybody is wearing Moon Boot after a long day of sport in my country.

I am not here to ask for personal opinion on how I should spend my money but on coherent material selection and advises for that purely.

Fortunately money4me247 is the king here
For Phase I:
  • Only get the pants or the bibs (don't need both) - I vote bibs.
  • Helitrack is pretty heavily insulated (says 200g down in body). That means it'll likely be too hot for spring riding or warmer temperatures (sunny day without wind at mid-30-40 degrees Fahrenheit can be a bit toasty in my lightly insulated jackets which only have 60-80 grams of primaloft) so if you are planning to ride warmer weather, may be better to get a pure shell + midlayer (like a fleece) for flexibility. If you don't want to worry about layering as much or ride only in really cold weather, the warmer jackets may work better for you. It also depends on how active you are when snowboarding - if no standing around and just making laps, you heat up pretty quickly AND what temperatures do you normally ride in.
  • No need for a second pair of lens for the M4, it already bundles a normal ("variable condition") lens and a cloudy lens. I think a normal/variable condition lens is already sufficient for most conditions unless it gets super cloudy and low visibility when you swap to the low light lens. I've only thought it was too bright with the variable lens when it was really sunny bluebird days at Park City, Utah. Where I normally ride on the East Cost of the US, I never needed sunny lens - usually overcast weather.
  • I like the EST tool better than the bullet tool because I carry the tool on me while I ride so I'm personally looking for the smallest/lightest/compact tool. Remember you can always just use a normal screw driver if you are changing things at home / your car / hotel.
  • Also Burton got hacked, so can't buy anything online from them, have to call in orders.
For Phase 2:
  • No need for a Balaclava as the M4 goggles will have a magnetic facemask that is bundled.
  • No need for a beanie hat in my experience & don't get one with puffy ball ontop if you are riding with a beanie (won't fit well under the helmet). The padding on the helmet is already warm enough (unless that beanie hat is for walking around, not snowboarding)...
  • You should definitely wear a helmet btw. Your brain is very precious. If you ever meet anyone with a severe traumatic brain injury, you can see how much life changes not only for you but also your family and loved ones.

Overall, for the outerwear, I think you need some more comparative data (aka go on a trip and see how you feel (warmth/cool-wise) with whatever gear you have now to see what actually suits your conditions and preferences. You mentioned you are a beginner/intermediate, so you should have already had a few trips worth of experience. What were you riding with then?
Many thanks again, very helpful :) for the riding places: France, Switzerland, Romania (Transylvania)
Wonderful! :) I would recommend Sinaia cota 2000, mountains are amazing over there, easier than words to describe:
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