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Advise on Womens Board

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I am going to the boarding show in toronto tomorrow and want to buy used or new board for my girl. (cuz i am balling like that dont be jelous)

and i am absolutley LOST

she has only ridden about 2 years so really need an all mountian beginner board

Any advise on 2 or 3 boards to look for and bindings (2012 and 2013 stuff is ok)

budget for board and binding is abour 300-400 (new or used)

Also this is my first time to the show so is it better to get used or buy new?

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don't do it
take her along and let her choose....
cause if you buy will be the wrong shade of pink and not match
Main thing is get the right SIZE. No point in us suggesting specific models. Get her height and weight, and figure out roughly what she should be riding. Then shop in that range. You can get a decent board/binding combo for under $400...
don't do it
take her along and let her choose....
cause if you buy will be the wrong shade of pink and not match

But yes, I wouldn't want my husband to buy a board for me... take her along, she needs to like it.
Can't recommebd boards, but had some Burton Lexa replacement bindings once, they seemed like solid comfy allround bindings. Maybe you find used ones of them.
Yup, take your daughter with you.

I would recommend new, but your budget may dictate your options.

Ask for help from the staff at each store's kiosk. They are staffed by their usual salespeople, so they (usually) know what they are doing.

Finally, don't necessarily take the first option you find that fits your needs and budget.
There are all the major retailers from the GTA at that show. Canvass a few before making your purchase. There's nothing more annoying than buying, then finding something more/equally suitable at a lower price down the hall.

Good luck.
I bought my girl the Ride Promise with Burton stilletos and some 32 boa boots. She absolutely loved them. And that board really helped her progress, its very forgiving and non catchy. My girl is cool as fuck and appreciates everything I buy her but I let her pick out her next set up because it feels good to get exactly what you want. 2014 Never Summer Infinity and 2014 Burton escapades and Nike Vapens.
this is going to be tough. LOL

some back story, she cant come to the show with me so that is out of the picture. She told me not to buy and save my money but who listens? :dunno:

i am getting a new set up this year and want her to hit the slopes with me (i know selfish) but dont want her in the "dangerous" expensive rentals that are really bad.

i guess is it better to let her rent then find time next year to get gear or get some gear there for her.

Height 5.6
weight 120-125lb
boot - let her buy her own boot for fit

non agressive boarding style and all mountian BEGINNER!

I was looking at the old burton lipstick or the roxy boards and the stiletto binding but so lost unlike men boards there is not alot of info out there on womens boards espically if i am looking for 2012 / 13
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