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Hi, im finally looking for to buy new board this year
5'9 - 5'10 180pound shoes size 11.5
as right now im interest in 70% Riding/groom?? and probablt 30% ground trick because i dont know anything about it but would like to learn
I spend about whole week comparing boards and board that
on top of my list is 2013 Ride Machete GT for just riding
what do you guys think??
any recommendation??
and Also interest in
Lib tech attack banana and T.rice pro
NS Evo

i know lib tech and NS that i mentioned is W shape camber which is Rock/camber and its for lots of tricks right??
hows those board?? is it good?? i might start with groom but as get better thinking about do tricks step by step

please throw out some recommendation please

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Machete or Machete GT probably a solid option actually the regular Machete is a pretty forgiving board that will handle a bit of groomers but also be serviceable for you as you begin to work more on park/freestyle tricks. I think the T. Rice Pro is far too much board for what you want. The Attack Banana didn't really wow me but I think that was more personal preference than anything, might also be a good option for you.

Leo & I did reviews of these boards among others, so here's a bit more detail/information about each of them:

2013 Ride Machete Snowboard Review

2013 Ride Machete GT Snowboard Review

2013 Lib Tech Attack Banana Review
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