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I'd think a CR would be a better comparison
Yes, it would.

I rode CR and Penta on the same day. In my opinion, CR was while carving - less effortless to ride, and more gentle and stable at low speeds. Also, I felt the line I'm leaving much smoother with CR than Penta (I could compare it to a delicate pencil drawing a line, and a pen drawing a line). Also, I lost twice heelside edge on Penta, while didn't lose at all on CR/Nitro Pantera - riding them much much longer. Both CR and Pantera had better edge grip/hold than Penta for me.

Right now, I'm on the same page as MrDavey - Penta didn't make a "wow" impression on me when I rode it the first time.

I need to ask Yeahti87 to get Penta again, for another test session. I want to make sure that nothing has changed (I tested both boards very early in the season).
1 - 1 of 230 Posts