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Amplid snowboards are relatively little known outside of Europe. So post up your reviews and experiences.
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I'll follow up with more later, but in a nutshell this Amplid Surfari is an incredible ride.

20cm fresh dry powder and it's an amazing board. I was so nervous to get on this board as I thought it would be too much but I'm not sure I'll ride much else it's just so smooth. I'm 74kg on the 157 and that minor 3D spooned nose allows this board to roll from edge to edge and not get hung up. I don't know what to say but I'm a fan.

Thank God I have another 3 days here.
The Yup was so much fun but the Surfari is something else, it.just feels effortless to ride.

That thread from @Kijima has also helped me so much in improving my riding.

Really liking these K2 Lien AT bindings also, nice feel, responsive. First time I've ridden +/+ at 21/3 and that feels good for me. The heelside carving feels much better.
Man, so glad that you're having an amazing week!!! Bluebird days, light pow - it's not often you get those two in the same week down here.

How do you find the Amplid in terms of feel-of-weight? I'm not trying to become one of those spandexed Tour de France weight-weenie commuter cyclists, but I AM starting to research boards that are on the lighter side, in terms of feel.

Penny for your thoughts!

PS yeah the Lien ATs are a solid binding.
Yours to ride later in the week 👍

It's funny, it's light to ride to me but I feel it on the chair but I think that's more the +21 binding angle that is more awkward on the lift.

It's a seriously smooth board to ride, spent a bit of time at Rapunzel's and handled it so nicely.

Heading home Sat so if yr here before flick me a msg and you can ride it.
Ah good to hear that you didn't have to head back on Friday! I do really appreciate the offer but honestly I'm thinking that I'm too heavy - wouldn't want to break it in more than you would :)

Hmmmm still haven't made up my mind re: what to bring up tomorrow. Thinking it might be firm carvy day, if it does drizzle up there tonight.
The new Souly Grail would be interesting.
Jaysus! I didn't realise how exxy the Surfari is! You gotta lock that shit up man!

Souly Grail looks interesting! I don't know what it is, but for some reason Amplid as a brand / philosophy has really crept under my skin in the last few days and since seeing yours in the flesh, as well as your glowing account of how at home you felt on it, very much in line with the idea of feeling instantly familiar / broken in outta the box, on their site.

Made in the Mothership (not interested in Capita at all, but cannot deny that the Capitas at my local shop do look very well sorted), number of accounts of Amplids feeling light, chucking a few $$$ at a smaller company..... hmmmm, I'm quite tempted by the Ticket Twin or Stereo

EDIT: Shit! The Aloha Vibes has my style of party carving written all over it!!!
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Yeah the stereo was one I was originally looking at and then changed my mind. It was a long process getting it here and we did get hit with Tax on this one but saved some dollars as a mate and I imported 2 boards under the one shipment, he got a Creamer.
If you are thinking of getting one, make sure you send Gregor an email and ask what's the best price he can do. I reckon I landed the Surfari pretty close to $1k AUD all up which isn't too bad.
Damn that's pretty good - ANY "boutique" / smaller brand board from OS, landed in Aus at close to $1k, is a good deal I reckon. Including shipping, my LJ cost around $1300. Whilst I don't regret the thought process behind buying it, nor the process of buying it, I'd seriously trade it in for a one of a number of decks from Amplid's line, if given the chance (gift of hindsight being a big factor of course).

Long time and lotsa $$$ coming, but I now understand that I only really need two types of deck - something tapered and directional as hell with a wide waist that I can party carve on, and a 2D either twin or all mountain freestyle with mostly camber, a little bit of early rise at most, certainly not RCR.

Amplid has decks to fill both those shoes.
If you are interested let me know, I know my mate with the Creamer is thinking about a Surfari also and you know what, it wouldn't take much to convince me to add a true twin like the stereo.
Argh shit man, didn't see this until now - got flooded with jobs for work yesterday arvo, and after work had a couple of virtual drinks with my work partner, got very philosophical (and a bit tipsy - life is short, do what makes you happy etc etc), and jumped online and picked up a Stereo from a store in Sydney.

There's actually a sorta decent range here - between E107 and Wilderness. I will be keeping an eye on either the Spray Tray or Dada or Aloha Vibes at the end of the season, because they all look like they'd suit my lazy carving style to a tee.

Between the two shops, there are still Ticket Twins, Stereos, Creamers, Paradigmas, as well as the Future Shapes collection - something to tempt you in there?
I got a 155. Would have got a 152 as a super playful, undersized board for getting back into spinning on small and medium park features, but figured the 155 would be the more sensible option for my weight.

I was actually really close to pulling the trigger on a Ticket Twin or Paradigma during the last lockdown, but couldn't justify it. Then they sold out at E107 (best prices I can find in Aus for pretty much anything, really). Then drinks with my work mate last night, and I thought fuck it, if I don't get onto it now, it'll be gone when I want it at end of season sales.

You love your Surfari. I'm sure I'll enjoy the Stereo. At end of season if I can wrangle it, I might see if I can get a multi discount on e.g. a Ticket and Aloha Vibes. If getting a couple of boards I don't need but do want, means increased likelihood that brands like Amplid can be sold locally, stuff it - I won't be frowning.

(Sorta like my correspondence with Weston Backcountry - they were looking into getting in with local distributors, although that hasn't happened yet.)

EDIT: I feel a bit guilty, I didn't know you weren't aware that they sold Amplid here, I sorta feel like I poached it out from under you now - didn't mean to, whatsoever! It was a case of knowing how wrapped you are with yours, knowing they were for sale on E107 and Wilderness, getting tipsy and talking about how life is short and I love where I live and could I justify it to myself, saying yes, and hopping straight on and just buying it.
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You must have got the last 155 ya bugger - I'll have to do another trip down to have a ride on it. I feel bad man, you should've taken the Surfari for a lap - I apologise.
Hell yeah man! And don't apologise for a second - to be honest I LOVED the look of your deck and the carves you were putting down, I honestly didn't want to ride it because you'd only had a few days on it, and the anal side of me didn't want to break it in with my extra weight, before you could break it in to yours!

Yep, that's it - if there's still a Spray Tray, Dada or Aloha Vibes left at the end of the season, I'm grabbing at least one more Amplid. Damn you man, you've got me seeing bright shiny objects in this brand!!!
There's a milligram split that keeps getting reposted on eBay that is calling to me.

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Look backwards for a sec - out of 1-10, how shitty are you going to be with yourself, when someone else gets onto it before you?
Unfortunately, $1k just isn't in the budget at the moment.

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Fair call - i get that.
Hope E107 and Wilderness continue to stock Amplid next year (here in Aus) - I'm thinking they might, given that E107 has sold pretty much all their Amplid decks from this season.

Interesting that in their new catalogue, they allude to gathering data across a wide range of riders, and the average boot length being an EU43 (which is me) - really adds fuel to the question as to why so many binding companies don't have EU43 sitting right in the middle of one of their sizes, rather than at the upper end for medium / lower end for large. (Admittedly this might be an old question - I'm doing okay on Burton and Nitro medium, Flux could be ever so slightly wider in the heel cup - not sure what other binding brands are like).
Apart of me does, but I also like the fact the boards are unique and not that readily available.
Same - I'm hoping for a selfish compromise - only 1 or 2 stores stock them locally, enough decks in the right sizes, and no one buys them because they can't be bothered to research a new brand / everything is all about the main stream brands.

Mind you, if I experience what you did with your Surfari (on my Stereo), it wouldn't be unreasonable to get 2 decks at the same time, ask for some sort of discount etc from Amplid GMBH.

When you and your mate got your Safari / Creamer (iirc), did you get smashed by tax / customs?
Yeah we did, wasn't expecting it as I had the Yup imported and it was a simple process but the 2 Amplid boards went over the $1k mark and was a bit of a shit fight.
Ouch! Fark, fingers crossed for Aussie stock then, and pray that no one clues in. If Melbourne Snowboard or Twelve or Rhythm started stocking them, the cat would be out of the bag and we'll be a bit rooted.
I just received my new Souly Grail 157 10hrs ago, and my board came with a small but significant damage. I can only think that the damage was done due to UPS shipping, (took maybe 2 weeks, from Germany to Canada). I have already filed a claim against UPS, and have sent enquiries to Amplid... As of now, there is no response yet.
I can already see that it would be awhile before Amplid would get back to me.
I am very unhappy with this experience.

Meanwhile, just wanna know if this damage can fixed at any snowboard repair shop?

I just wanna test ride this board asap!
man i feel for you, big time. i don't have anything as expensive to import as that, other than perhaps my Marhar LJ (approx $1300 at the time, with the conversion rate - $1300 for a cup of tea that doesnt sit well with me right now).

i would be utterly fcking devastated if my new deck showed up like that, let alone an Amplid, which people go out of their way for, and must get giddy-excited about, before tearing open the box like a kid at Christmas, only to find that.

hope you can get some recourse.

importing a deck has its risks - hence why from now on, I can only bring myself to order from local suppliers.

EDIT: sorry if that sounded holier-than-thou. it wasn't meant to. importing decks is a frightening business. my LJ was 2cm shorter than advertised, specs not as advertised, with weep-holes in the sidewall, through to the core. i was scared as fuck when i saw that, and the fact that the deck was nose-tail+toe-heel warped - a brand new deck that i had saved a season for. emailed back and forth and they explained their manufacturing methods, which helped to ease my mind to a degree, so yeah warped deck is all ok, but yeahnah never again - not for $1300aud

hope you get it sorted man.
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