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ahhh..,i feel for ya here big time , i know that feeling!!
i had a yes the Y turn up very in very similar cond. plus rust the whole way round the edges. it was in a proper box and still wrapped but the wrapping was all torn and frayed so i cud not uinderstand how it was deleiverd like it was , customs MUST have opened it and done something bec it was a total fkkn disgrace!
i sent a scathing mail to the shop and shipper asking if theyd sent me a used board!
i had to provide pics to the the shop and shipping agency. , the shop must have sent one as well bec the shipper owned it prety quickly and refunded me fully incl shipping without having to send it back, it took a while but i got there. it wasnt worth them the effort or cost to return it.

i was pretty psssssssssesd , i cud not sell it on as id get pennies for it but i just had to accept the brand new board is just my rockhopper now. i slapped it together my self as best i cud as it wasnt worht the price to get it done prefessionally for how much id ride it. You can mend it to be rideable but you may, like i did always have that , fk this sux is this the best it gets mind frame and want a new one.
actualll., i wud go bezerk if one of my " better " sticks was delivered to me like that . theres no reason for it except pathetic fkkn laziness.
give the fkks hell!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts