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So here is a review (from old posts) of my Amplid Creamer 163. It started as a solid for a 1/2 season, loved it them did a diy split. So it has a in full season as the split, with Phantom/Atomic Blacklands...which is a bomb set up. The mojority of last season (as a split) it was rode/got hammered inbounds at Baker and its held up brilliantly and still love it.

At 72 kg, I have a 2016/7 163cm Creamer that has become my daily driver that handles everything but the very deepest (24"+). Its fast stable, rails and is easy enough to ride switch is great in the chop, slays groomed and handles a good amt of pow in various forms...windblown, dust, crust and fresh. Its easy to ride 18-20" of the heavier pnw fresh. Its more of a relaxing cruiser instead of an all out charger like the my old c2 billygoat or a traditional full cambered freeride stiffy or Bpro c2 hotrod.

1 Wish it had a bit more pop, it does fine but is not quite as lively as a full cambered...its like 1/2 or mellow cam, but its not flat either...wish it was 3/4 Its fine, just not like full stiffy cam.

2 A while ago also thought the nose should be a tad stiffer so I could really get on the nose...but now seems ok becase the softer nose absorbs and rides over the chop, instead of getting bucked around with a stiffer nose..

3 And, it rides short...meaning that the camber is where the action is, though with the early rise nose which is great for pow and getting over the chop. So my 163 rides more like a 159/160.

4 The set back and taper is spot on and it seems like its a short tail, it has enough grab coming out of carves and stiff enough for drops and you really don't need to ride the tail in deeper feels really quite balanced fore to aft.

5 Idk what they do with the radius but I love it, you can do short turns, long drawn out carves and straight all feels dialed, no edge grab or that the edges are lacking nor getting over powered.

6 It is quite flickable, its light as in weight and easy to decamber then pop/suck up the knees and flick it around...which is very nice in tight trees, technical lines and moguls...can easily do billygoat hop turns. Its quite easy to just stand there, do a hop and flick it around. And if in an tight spot, you can flick it around land on the nose or tail and it does fine.

7 The S-profile really handles w wide range of snow/terrain conditions....pow, chopped, windblown scoured, ice, soft packed, firm and groomed...I don't think its lacking at all.

8 Ime, its its an easy riding board, but if you want or have to, can charge and be quite aggressive with. I enjoy getting warmed up the first few runs in the morning, getting aggressive and then in the afternoon can dial it back and just do the geezardly mindless cruise at the end of the day and not have to be hyper-focused...thus no need to be changing out boards.

Pros: It covers a wide range of riding and snow conditions, is quick from edge to edge, there is some magic between the radius and flex (that I've not found in anyother board) in that you can rail fairly tight turns and also make long drawn out carves...that feel tight, stable and not catchy. I won't say its a tree board but it is very flickable in the natty (Baker) because it is light as a feather. The tail is relatively stiff to where you can stand on it and with the s-rocker nose it floats/planes well without sinking in the tail nor slowing down. And the stiff tail and camber you can rail groomed, hard and firm pack...on uncrowded groomers could comfortable handle blasting 60mph with solid assurance.

Cons: For awhile, I thought the nose was a tad too soft because you could not get on it like my old billygoat c2btx. And there was not enough camber for liveliness. However, now I like that it is a tad soft in that it rides over the chop instead of busting through the chop (we are talking about the heavier pnw slopchop that you buck over instead of bust through)...and for riding pow, you just hang back a tad and it works great. I would still like a tad more camber for liveliness...but can't have everything...besides I have couple old cambered stiffies that handle that.

Newer version of the Creamer...apparently they have stiffened it up and a bit more which it seems reasonable. However then you might as well have a full freeride stiffy and less surfy...which there is already one in the stable and another that handles the truely bottomless.

Anyway, its a board I've considered getting another so I'll have another when I wear out the first one. Its more of an all mountian freeride and is more of a traditionalist board instead of the volume shifted fattae. Its is definitely my 1 board quiver within a host of 9 other boards in the quiv...that rarely see action but a day or two in a season.

In summary, I think its a great all around quiver killer and covers alot of range...sure there are some mild drawbacks/short comings for specialized applications; however, at this point, if I could only have 1 board it would 163 creamer.
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