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I am 5'11 170 lbs and I have been riding cambered boards my whole life and I wanted to try something different. I picked up a new 2011 skate banana 156w for $300 and Im pretty happy with the quality of the board for the price I paid.

The biggest difference I noticed is that it is much harder to catch an edge with a reverse camber/rocker/banana board which makes it fun for jibbing. The magnetraction is very grippy and takes some getting used to and isnt for everyone but I liked it a lot. You can't exactly grip ice like snow like mervin manufacturing claims but it does help grip the snow especially because the edges aren't engaging as much with a reverse camber board as much as a tradional camber board would be.

Negatives with this board. At high speeds it is not as stable as a camber board it is a little chattery. I didn't expect it to have the stability of a cambered board when I bought it though because its well... not a cambered board. Don't get me wrong you can still fly down the hill without much of an issue with this board. This board is decent with medium size kickers and isnt a noodle (6/10 flex on 156) but I would def choose one of my cambered boards for the big kickers.

Overall I like this board but I personally would rather use a cambered snowboard for the park and all around riding. This board is really forgiving and great for jibs and medium size park features. At incredibly high speeds you can notice its not quite as stable as a cambered board. In conclusion this is a very fun forgiving board just make sure you know what you are buying when you pick up a skate banana. If you are used to a cambered board try before you buy.
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