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Anyone else stop getting emails from this site?

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I used to get an email from SBF every time someone replied to a thread that I was subscribed too. A few days ago it mysteriously stopped and I haven't got one since.

Has this happened to anyone else or anyone know what that's all about?
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Nope. Stll getting my notifications. In fact, the "F" Nivek thread was blowin' up my inbox! Lol! Had to unsubscribe because of it! Probably changed a preference or setting? Been into your user cp recently? I would check that first!

Btw, I think DC's latest meltdowns and wildy inappropriate posts had admin jumping trying to delete block etc. might b a symptom or holdover from some of that too! :dunno:
yep. the virus that I have is also a computer virus
Not sure. I disabled the email notifications in my settings, otherwise my email would be blown the hell up all day long.

Anyway, check your settings in the user control panel and see if something changed. If not I can look at your profile if necessary.
Not really sure what the problem is here. :( I checked my User CP and it's set up for instant email notification and I made sure my email address is correct. I also made sure I wasn't getting the notifications routed to my spam folder.

The email notifications have always been kinda spotty for me. Sometimes I would get an email days or weeks after someone replied to a subscribed thread but I have never had all emails cease completely. Last email I got was on the 4th.

Ultimately, it's not that big of a deal. I was just wondering if anyone had any insight into this problem.
Ultimately, it's not that big of a deal. I was just wondering if anyone had any insight into this problem.
Who do you use for e-mail? I'm on hotmail/outlook and don't have delay issues with any forums. Some providers may hold things in quarantine if it seems suspicious...
My notifications somtimes end up getting filtered to my spam folder
I only get the topics-I've-participated-in emails, and only once a day. Of course, that's how I have it set up to be, so all is working the way it should for me.
Quick Update

I just started getting emails again the other day for no rhyme or reason. The emails aren't coming in the right order and some of notifications are for closed threads and ones that haven't been active in weeks.
I bet the email server was down. You might post this question to the vs team forum. Someone should pick it up and loom at it. I have not emailed anyone from tech support about this.
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