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Don’t know how old this is, but Nico rules, if the snowboard community thinks anything he says about is lame, it must mean that the bubblegum Mets took over something rad. Could care less of anything he says, in fact I’m down. 5 g is lame and y’all who don’t like a good conspiracy theory are your coveted “kooks.” One should be so lucky to even get to talk to that dude. So for all you” it’s the business” people, stay home. Snowboarding is for punk rock allstars, not business politically motivated wannabes. Nico is a real deal snowboarder that is better than you. Accept it. You can’t vote him out. And if the rad dudes in the industry were not such sissy punks you would see more backlash. Much like the rap game and now one whooping Chris browns ass for beating Rihanna. Hit me up Nico let’s go ride.
I could barely read this with the grammar
1 - 2 of 70 Posts