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Guess you get cancelled if you dont follow the herd. That is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. Because, everyone should be able to express they're own opinion.
I kinda disagree on that and I will explain why. Every professional athlete out there is serving a purpose and that is to be a role model for the upcoming generation. Also every pro athlete has to sell his sponsor’s products as well. So he has to be very careful on what he is saying. For example let’s say you are sponsoring an athlete and this athlete starts using the media saying that he hates black and gay people would you like to keep sponsoring him. His ideas affects your brand and your company and even worse, he is a threat to the society. I believe in freedom of speech and every one has his own opinions but when you are popular you better watch out what you are saying. I believe he was saying that the 5G was the reason of the pandemic and the people should not take any precautions, I mean come on … he should have left everything aside politics etc and focus on his job and passion which was snowboarding. End of story. Maybe the snowboard community is better without him after all.
1 - 1 of 74 Posts