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Avalanche closes Loveland Pass

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I just saw the alert on my phone this morning. Couldn't find too much else on this at CAIC or elsewhere.

Anyone know anything about this?

Judging by the time that it happened, I'm assuming this wasn't triggered by a skier or boarder. I'm thinking either CDOT set it off during avalanche blasting or it was natural. CAIC's statewide forecast states that several natural avalanches have been reported around the state. Considering the strong winds last night, could wind loading have been a factor in a natural avalanche scenario?
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My guess is that one of the sisters went. The local news channels have articles about it, but the title says about all they do in the article.

CAIC is supposed to start their forecasting for the season today. Wasn't up yet, but I imagine they'll have more info once the site goes fully live.
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