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Back In The Game - Modern Setup?

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What's happening, Gents?

My name is Kyle, I am 32 years old and going to have my first proper snow season in about 12 years.

I grew up in Northern California riding all the Tahoe resorts, then moved to Bozeman, MT at 15 years old and rode almost daily for 6 seasons.

I raced motocross professionally and worked for the teams, so travel increased and time to dedicate to snowboarding was hard to come by. I kept an old board and found myself on the mountain once every 2-3 years.

I live in El Paso, TX currently - about 6 hours from Taos, NM and other resorts. Life is really starting to stabilize for me, so I bought a season pass and am planning on riding Taos most weekends, as well as fly to some cool destinations this season.

I bought new everything - still waiting on a few items to come in, but have my hands on most of it. I bought a Burton Custom X 162W, X Est bindings and SLX boots. I am 6'1 and 200lbs, very physically fit and can ride aggressively all day.

I'm really far behind on current technology and riding styles, so I was hoping y'all could help fast track me.

When I was younger, I ran a very wide stance with a positive/negative stance. I did a fair amount of park, and found myself switch a lot.

Now, I will not be touching the park and plan on doing more all-mountain riding.

How has foot placement changed in the last 12 years? Where should I start off? It seems boards have changed a lot, and I want to make sure I am starting off with the best chance at a proper set up. I am thinking I will be a bit narrower and less positive/negative than before, but would like some advice on where to start.

Please reach out with any recommendations - I really look forward to getting comfortable on a board again.


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Thanks for taking the time to respond, gents!

Feel free to rip my set up! I have no idea what's cool or current these days - I remember judging everyone on the mountain when I was a teenager and really cared that every brand I used was considered cool. Now I just want to be comfortable and have the best chance at having epic days.

I chose to go Burton head-to-toe because I feel their stuff is designed to somewhat work together - goggles/balaclava's/helmets work together, board/bindings with the channel mounting etc. I may be wrong in that assumption, they did a good job marketing it to me that way and I took the bait. I just want shit that works well.

Thanks for the feedback and links regarding set up. Helped get me up to speed and I know where I am going to start. I'll be taking advantage of the easy adjustments on the mountain, no doubt.

As for the board, I've heard it can be a workout. I think I can tame the beast, and if it's too much I'll snag another board for everyday use.

Thanks again for the input, feel free to continue with suggestions as I will take them all into consideration.

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Heck, no mucking around for you and straight to the point, love it!

I'm sure as a motorcross pro there'll be no easing into this so do what you do and I say and go hard - enjoy the season.

Without being that guy, I'd invest in a good helmet though which I'm sure you'd appreciate - I've got a Giro MIPS Conform Fit which is super comfy.
A helmet was one of the key pieces I was waiting on when I made this post. I have since recieved an Anon Merak Wavecell - feels comfortable and fits the goggles extremely well!

I am starting with 22" (-2/+22) to begin and will adjust from there. Heading up to Taos this weekend to get everything dialed in! Stoked.

Thanks again for everyone's input!

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BTW looking, what size is the board? Seems a lot of tail on the picture.

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It's a 162W. Went with a wide to clear my 11.5 boot, I hate dragging toe with a passion.

It likely looks big because I just set the bindings in place, no measurements or mounting hardware. The photos were as I was unpacking my first big box. Felt like Christmas.
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